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I guess that, if you are reading this, you might be thinking of traveling to Bali, already planning your trip to Indonesia or you had been there and you just want to move back to that awesome experience. During my Bali itinerary in 7 days, I experience so many things and I have a lot of good memories from that journey. I will try to make it easy and useful for you while organizing your trip.

Along my dream journey in Indonesia, I used to practice a lot of yoga, and, in my case, a good mat is a must. I bought this yoga mat to practice everywhere I wanted to and In was super comfy!

This island is a top travel destination that receives thousands of tourists per year, and that is for a reason. Is one week enough in Bali? Even though you could make your stay in Bali as long as you wish (there are always new things to discover), I think a 7 days Bali itinerary should be enough. After those 7 days, I would advise you to continue this dream journey with the rest of the islands of Indonesia.


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Female traveler 

Bali has so much to offer to you, the rice fields, its mountains, its beaches, and the environment and special ambiance that surrounds the island. Besides its strong culture and the special traditions of the locals, Bali is famous for its multi-cultural atmosphere. An island full of travelers, surfers & entrepreneurs.

Where should I go for a week in Bali?

This Bali itinerary 7 days is created with the aim of reducing the time you spend organizing your trip and increasing the time you spend enjoying it!

If you are planning a 10 day Bali itinerary you could add up the following stops: Trip to the north of Bali, Lovina and Mount Batur.

Is one week in Bali enough?

If you travel to Bali, you will realize that travelers stay there for weeks, months or even years. That is due to the strong digital nomad community on the island. As I said before, there is always something to do but, I like making the most of every place I visit and If you squeeze your days in Bali in one week you should be ready to take a boat and change of paradisiac island. If you find a week in Bali not enough for you, it is a perfect place to start your digital nomad adventure! Besides all the special things Bali has, there is a very strong culture around Yoga. That’s why I will try to give special tips for Yoga lovers in each place of this Bali itinerary.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

The two seasons in Bali are wet and dry seasons. You will be fine traveling to Bali all year round as, during the wet season, when it rains, it rains a lot but for a short time. But, if you can choose, the perfect conditions are during the dry season, from April to October: very little rain, low humidity and a lot of sun.


Bali Itinerary 7 days

Is Bali Safe for a female traveler?

I would say that Bali is safe as a female traveler even if you travel alone. On my journey as a solo female traveler to Bali, I did not find myself in a risky situation. But you want to take some precautions, cause a small thing could ruin a day of your trip or even the whole week.

a) Your passport & credit card always hidden, I always use a hidden passport holder.

b) Be careful with the monkey thieves, especially in Ubud.

c) Never walk alone at night.


Day 1: Uluwatu, Bukit peninsula

This surfer paradise ( hey, not for beginners) has much more to offer us rather than great and huge waves. Located in the southern part of the island, it is home to Bali’s best beaches and of one of the most beautiful temples on the island. This place is magical, I felt the peace and relaxing ambiance in the first 10 minutes. Although you will find time enough to relax, there is also an epic party on Wednesday’s in Single Fin. Most of the travelers coming to Uluwatu make huge efforts to match their Bali itinerary to spend Wednesday night in Uluwatu.


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Uluwatu

What to do in Uluwatu

a) Uluwatu Temple: The most famous place in Uluwatu and one of the top touristic attractions in Bali. It is a Balinese Hindu temple located on the top of a 70-meter cliff. Its location and environment make the visit to the temple a must-to-visit not only because of the temple itself but for the surroundings and atmosphere. You could spend visiting this temple 1to 2 hours, do not rush, take your time, it is worth it. After your visit to the temple, I would advise you to go to Karang boma cliff (Uluwatu cliff), 1 km away and the views are just stunning.

Ticket to Uluwatu temple: 30,000 IDR ( 2, 16 USD approx. ) 

b) Nyang-Nyang beach: One of the most scenic beaches in Bali, this wild and lonely beach is impressive. Even it is very well known, it is uncommon to find a person closer than 50 meters. There is a reason behind this…there is a downhill walk to the beach that makes lazy travelers avoid this stop of this 7 days Bali itinerary.

c) Balangan viewpoint: People take advantage of this spot to take the honeymoon Bali itinerary most romantic pictures. This place attracts tourists at sunset time, for its iconic views.

d) Kecak fire dance: I highly recommend assisting this show, it is located in the same enclosure as Uluwatu temple and it starts at 6 pm. It lasts for one hour and it is probably the most impressive fire show you are going to see on your trip.

Ticket to Kecak fire dance: 100,000 IDR (7,2 UDS approx.)


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Fire Dance

Where to practice yoga in Uluwatu

Uluwatu surf villas: A lot of travelers agree that this is one of the best places to practice yoga in Bali. Wonderful location, good views and vastly knowledgeable professionals in charge of yoga sessions. Above all, these places offer incredible villas for accommodation but although it is not for a backpacker budget, you should give their yoga classes a chance in your stay in Uluwatu.

Day 2: Canggu

Canggu has so many things going on around: Surf-a-holicsdigital nomads, and yogis create Canggu into an awesome multicultural community where you can’t stop learning. Even dow most of the places in Indonesia shut down at 8-9 pm, in Canggu, there is always something to do. This little town between Kuta and Seminyak surrounded by rice fields was my basements on my stay in Indonesia.


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Canggu

What to do in Canggu

a) Echo beach: Beautiful and very famous beach, that is usually a little bit crowded. This beach became so famous due to its advanced reef breaks and sunsets. Expert surfers will, for sure, have a good time here as the conditions are normally very good for them. Be aware that it is not a good place to swim as the currents and waves are very strong, so be extremely careful.

b) Berawa: This is also a very famous beach but not as frequently visited by tourists. Here, you could have a very relaxed time and swim almost every day. Please take into account that in Bali the currents are known to be strong, so even if it is a good place to swim, take precautions always. Take your time to relax here and whenever you are thirsty, checkout Finns Beach Club.

b) Tanah Lot: A very famous and special temple on the whole island, located on the top of a rock and it looks like emerging from the sea. You can only access the enclosure of the temple when the tide is low, on the other hand, the access to the temple is covered with water. I highly recommend going early in the morning to have a relaxed view of this temple instead of visiting it with all the crowd. Close to this temple, you will find the Pura Bota Bolong, also a very special one. Make the most of your visit to Tanah Lot and visit his neighbor temple 

Entrance ticket: IDR 60,000 (4.5 USD)


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Tanah Lot

c) Crate Cafe: You’ve probably already heard that Canggu is full of cafes, veggie and vegan places & healthy amazing food and Yes, that’s right! Canggu is a paradise for a foodie. This one, in particular, Crate Cafe, is a place I used to go regularly and it is awesome, huge brekkies, smoothies, and coffees that taste like heaven! To include a little bit of extra pleasure, the views are soo good!

d) An evening in Old Mans: Ready to party? Even if you are a solo traveler, this is a great place to meet new and cool people. Do not miss it on your visit to Canggu!

Where to practice yoga in Canggu

Desa Seni: One of the most relaxing places to practice yoga I’ve been too. Staff and yoga teachers are very professional. They offer vinyasa, Hatha, restorative, yin, and meditation classes, choose your best option. Visit them if you want to have an unbelievable holiday in Canggu.

Day 3 & 4: Gili Islands

Departing from Serangan harbor, you’ll be able to reach the Gili’s! Just to clarify I am going to mention two Gili islands: Gili Air and Gili Trawangan and between them are very different. Two Options:

a) Go to Gili Air if you are looking to have a quiet and relaxing time.

b) Gili Trawangan (Gili T) is for you if you want to have a good party and enjoy the vibes on an Indonesian island.

c) Do both! There is a fast boat between the islands that will take you for around 7 $ 


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Gili Islands

What to do in the Gili islands

a) Snorkeling in the Gili’s: The two islands are surrounded by the coral reef, and you have access to snorkeling from every point of the island. Take your snorkeling fins, mask and go for it! The islands are the best spot in Bali to swim with green sea turtles, but please be respectful of the sea life here and everywhere while you snorkel or dive. Do not touch them, do not disturb the and do not feed them, enjoy their presence and swim with them if they allow you

b) Diving: If you are thinking about taking your diving certificate in Bali, these islands are the best place to do it! Even if you are an expert diver this is probably the best place for diving in Bali. Sharks, Mantas, and Stingrays are some of the creatures you will probably see during your divings.


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Diving in Gili Islands

c) Sunset: Are you a sunset lover? Take some of the best shots of this stunning moment of the day here. Both islands give you the opportunity to it and it is totally worth it.

I hope you get the most of this Bali and Gili island itinerary.

Where to practice Yoga

a) H20 Yoga and Meditation Centre in Gili Air: No word to describe their yoga lessons. Even if it is your first time in yoga, teachers are very attentive and professional and will always try to adapt to you during the class. You can see on their faces and the way they teach that they love what they teach so if you have still doubts about yoga after the class, do not hesitate to go and talk with your teacher. They also do week retreats in special and important dates such as new years eve.

b) Sunset Beach Yoga Gili Trawangan: Another amazing place but in Gili T. It is probably the most beautiful place I’ve practice yoga in, surrounded by wild beaches and nature, the class is imparted on a treehouse made of wood. They have classes in the morning and in the afternoon they impart acro yoga! Perfect place to try something new.

 Day 5: Nusa Penida

Departing from the Gili’s it will take around 2 hours to get to Nusa Penida on a fast boat, this may vary depending on the weather conditions. Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three Nusa islands in Bali, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan are the other two islands. Of course, the three of them worth a visit but, in case you have a tight itinerary, I would rather choose Nusa Penida. Full of scenic landscapes and the most breathtaking cliffs and walks I’ve seen in a while. I will catalog Nusa Penida as one of my favorite places in my 7 days Bali itinerary.

To discover this island you will probably need a vehicle as it is big, there are numerous bike rentals where the ferry drops you, IDR 70,000 sound like a fair price for a bike with full-tank.


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Nusa Penida 

 What to do in Nusa Penida

a) Giri Putri Cave: This is probably not the top 3 places someone thinks about while traveling to Nusa Penida and I do not understand why. It is located on the north-eastern side of the island. To enter the cave you will need to rent out a sarong ( IDR 5,000, 0,5 DUS ) in case you don’t have yours. It is a challenging cave of 300 meters long and 15 meters tall with a tiny entrance. It feels like you are in a movie once you are there. It is open from 7 am to 5 pm, every day of the week.

Entrance fee: IDR 20,000 (1,5 UDS approx.) 

b) Signing Falls: Not the best place for people scared of heights and the path you have to walk in is very small delimited by a big cliff. Besides the difficulties, this trek is awesome and highly recommended for adventurers. Take good walking boots and a lot of energy to get to the end of it. By the way, do not expect the Niagara falls at the end. 

c) Kelingking: The most famouse spot on the island and I guess pictures taken here are in more than one peoples Instagram profile. And YES, this is a must-to-visit if you are visiting Nusa Penida. Kelingking beach is rated as the second-best beach in Asia.

d) Manta Bay: Those travelers that love discovering sea life can not miss this spot. As the name indicates, you are going to see a lot to Mantas and that sounds amazing to me!

e) Broken beach: This impressive cove in Nusa Penida has something that makes it special, the archway around the Bay that let seawater inside. It is located on the west coast of the island, even if it is a little bit isolated, I would rather drive there than not seen thins natural wonder.


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Broken Beach

Where to practice yoga in Nusa Penida

Sanctuary Yoga Nusa Penida: Could this island get better? The perfect environment for this heavenly place to practice yoga. They adapt yoga sessions to different levels, so even if it is your first time, they have room for you!

Day 6 & 7:Ubud

Last stop but not least, Ubud is the rice field place by excellence. Located in the uplands of Bali, Ubud is known as the cultural capital. Museums, temples, and galleries could be found here. 

How many days in Ubud is enough?

In my personal opinion with two to three full days in Ubud should be enough but I’ve seen very interesting Ubud itineraries in 7 days.

What to do in Ubud

It is hard to choose between all the incredible things to do in Ubud so here you’ll find my favorite activities…  

a) Puri Saren Agung (Ubud royal Palace): One of the touristic attractions in Ubud you should not miss. Here, you will get closer to the history of Ubud and their past challenges. I would choose it as my first stop in my itinerary to Ubud as it will help you understanding better every part of the city. 


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Ubud Royal Palace

b) Gianyar Night Market: My favorite part of every city/town I visit is always their local markets. Here you will be able to get the best organic local food for a cheap price, and it is a great place to do your own Indonesian street food tour

c) Neka Art Museum: If you are an artist and would like to learn about Balinese traditional art this is your place. 

d) Monkey Forest: Popular place among visitors to go to, it is quite obvious what you are going to find here and YES it is full of monkeys! Beautiful forest and huge trees, great experience in a tropical forest. Be careful, monkeys have the bad custom of stealing everything from a tourist! 

e) Campuhan ridge walk: My favorite part about Ubud, its walk through the rice terraces. The precious walk is a must on your trip to Bali. This walk is marvelous crossing the special Balinese rice terraces and fields, impressive cliffs and the tropical forest characteristic of this area. 


Bali Itinerary 7 days | Campuhan Ridge Walk

Where to practice yoga in Ubud

 In Ubud, there is a lot of culture around yoga so you have plenty of studios to choose from, in my opinion, the best yoga in Ubud is…

The Yoga Barn: Mandatory stop in your Ubud itinerary, yoga lessons are outstanding and they also have a lot of healthy food to finish delighting your body! 

See you soon & let’s keep on traveling! 

We’ve come to the end in your Bali itinerary for 7 days, it is probably going to be a highlight among all your holidays! Bali has so much to offer and you will never forget it. If you have still doubts and need help do not hesitate to contact me on gabriela@nomadicmindtravel.com and I will help you in organizing your next holidays to Indonesia


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