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Backpackers love Byron Bay, its laidback and hippy lifestyle is a thing you have to experience if you are in Australia. I’ve been backpacking in Byron Bay for a while and now I deeply understand why travelers need this Byron Bay backpacking experience while on their journey in Australia. It is a gorgeous place actually, the most famous spot on the east coast of Australia worldwide.

Being so famous could make Byron bay a little bit expensive in some aspects. I’ve gathered all the data needed to make the most complete guide for an affordable Byron Bay backpacking experience. Get ready to undergo the hippie & surfing vibes that surround this town! Exact location, Byron Bay accommodation, campsites in Byron Bay & what to do, everything will be covered wink

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Byron Bay Backpacking | Backpackers in Byron Bay

Byron Bay location

It is located in the east coast of Australia in New South Wales (NSW): 700 km from Sydney (New South Wales) and 160 km from Brisbane (Queensland) Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is the closest to the town.

The locations marked in the map will be mentioned in the article.

Cheap Byron Bay accommodation

A really important fact while traveling is to have a good place to rest with a good atmosphere and good people. I try always not to choose only the cheapest option but the combination between price (always backpacker budget ), atmosphere and location. To be honest, in Byron bay I found the perfect match, which made my stay absolutely incredible.

a) Nomads Byron Bay Backpackers: Besides its excellent location in the center of Byron Bay, this place has everything a backpacker needs. They organize an event every day that takes place in the common areas, so it perfectly fits a solo backpacker. Common areas? Yes! One of the highlights of the hostel cause it makes it easier to meet other travelers and have a good time on your stay in Byron Bay. There are group prices for those traveling with their mates. Also, they offer incredible day tours and activities! Could we ask for more? Do not think so…

b) The Arts factory lodge in Byron Bay: This hostel was inaugurated in the ’70s by the hippiest locals in town and nowadays is considered the cradle of the vibes and soul of Byron Bay. Sincerely there is not such a unique and authentic hostel in the area. What I love about the place is that, even with the option of taking advantage of increasing prices, they remain with the hostel vibes and always full of the lucky backpackers traveling on a budget that found a spot on one of the comfy rooms. This amazing hostel has a swimming pool, health center, and great rooms.

Campsites in Byron Bay

You might be traveling on your van and would love to take advantage of it, right? I’ve listed below my two favorite campsites in Byron Bay:

a) Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park: Located in front of the beach, it has all you need to spend some nights in town. Great BBQ areas, perfect access to the beach and the facilities are very well maintained.

b) Reflections Holiday Parks Lennox Head: I assume that, if you are planning to spend some days in Byron, you’ve probably heard about Lennox Head. One of the most famous surfing spots on the east coast. The Holiday park lies right in front of this white sand beach!


Lennox Head | Byron Bay Backpacking

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Free camping in Byron Bay? Yes, there are free camping spots in Byron Bay. I’ll suggest you check out the free camping spots guide to plan your trip not only in Byron Bay but in all New South Wales!

Things to do in Byron Bay

Cape Byron lighthouse

The first thing you will spot when you drive to Byron Bay and one of the best places in town for the sunset. I guess it is not the first time you hear about the lighthouse of Byron Bay, it is such a beautiful scene. This beloved lighthouse has guided boats throughout all the history since it is the most easterly point of Australia.


Cape Byron Lighthouse | Byron Bay Backpacking

Ride a bike around the town and surroundings

I do not know why but a very healthy and good tradition when travelers arrive in Byron Bay is renting a Bike to discover this town on two wheels! Cycle paths are well defined and delimited, so traffic won’t be a problem for you!

The Pass

When I think in Byron Bay the first thing that comes to my mind is longboards. Byron is a surfing mecca! People from all over the world come to surf the long and smooth wave of The Pass. But people not only come to flow with the ocean but to flow with the surfing vibes of the area. Rent a board in town and head to this magical spot. It is between Clarkes Beach and Wategos, before the lighthouse.


The Pass | Byron Bay Backpacking

The Wreck

This famous surfing spot consists of a shipwreck that creates perfect sandbars for perfect waves. In low tide, you can see the boat from the shore and if you feel like exploring you can rent scuba diving gear and dive into this shipwreck, it is another world down there, simply unique.

Whale watching

The main activities going on the lighthouse occur day and night. At day, it is one of the best spots for whale watching. Byron Bay is considered one of the top-3 prime places to see Humpback Whales on their migration during winter. Whales migrating from the hot waters of the great barrier reef to the Antartida have to pass through this easterly point (from May-November). Therefore, grab your camping set and some beers and enjoy a sunrise or sunset of whale amusement.


Whale Watching in Byron Bay | Byron Bay Backpacking

Lenox Head

One of the best surfing spots on the eastern coast of Australia. This wave can get swells of 8 meters so its obviously not for beginners. There is a great atmosphere around this spot. Feel free and go for a walk around the high cliffs on the southern end of Lennox Beach.

Tallow Beach

If you feel like moving away from town, go to Tallow beach, this long beach is encompassed in Arakwal National Park, therefore, it is surrounded by nature. At the southern end of the beach, you will find, a very nice camping area and a great surfing spot.


Tallow Beach | Byron Bay Backpacking

Pubs and Clubs in Byron Bay

There is always something going on. It is great for enjoying some drinks in the afternoon watching the sunset of for enjoying a night out, or a couple! You’ll find live music, jam sessions, or DJ’s at most of the clubs. I strongly recommend going for an afternoon drink at The Beach Hotel (food can be rather expensive for a backpacker budget). This place is beside Main Beach and there is usually an event going on.


My other favorite activity is stargazing! What a magical experience. After the sunset, this easterly point surrounded by the dark and sleeping ocean lights up! It is by far one of the best places for stargazing. Check out this web page for not missing out on the next meteor shower!

Day trip to Nimbin

The Hippie capital and the Cannabis Capital of Australia are some of the nicknames given to this little town is known located 60 km inland from Byron Bay. It is just marvelous to see how to present weed is in this town. This might be one of the most unique experiences you can live in Australia. Besides its hippy vibes, the incredible nature around this area is simply inspiring. Visit its waterfalls and hike its mountains.


Waterfall in Nimbin | Byron Bay Backpacking

Now you are able to make the best of your stay in Byron Bay, I hope you enjoy this hippie town! In case you want to share your experience with other travelers comment on the box below! If you need and an extra hand to organize your journey to Byron Bay or other places in New South Wales, do not hesitate to contact me on gabriela@nomadicmindtravel.com and I will help you!


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