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Are you going to spend some days in Menorca and you would like to go camping? I’ve written this article based on my numerous visits to the island to show you areas to visit, the best camping spots, and some tips you should know before going. Menorca in Spain is the second largest of the Balearic Islands and lies in the western Mediterranean Sea. 

Camping is a great experience and as you know, I love it! But camping in Menorca will blow your mind, waking up on those light-blue water beaches and paradisiac sand is awesome. Even though Menorca is less touristic than Mallorca, it still gets really crowded in Summer. I would advise you to go there in spring or Autom, the temperatures are still unbelievable!

What is the best area to stay in Menorca?

Mahou is the capital city in Menorca and as you could probably imagine there are so many things going on here, one of the big highlights of Mahón is that it is set around the second biggest natural harbor in the world. The city itself is very compact and picturesque, do not miss it on your trip to Menorca.

On the southeast coast of Menorca, a beautiful small coastal village that is traditionally a fishing town called Binibeca. Its white walls of houses remind somehow of Santorini. Ice cream fanatics say that here, in Binibeca, you can taste the best Ice Cream in Menorca, I tried it and can say that is absolutely true! So let’s go, grab an ice cream, and start discovering this awesome village.


Camping in Menorca | Binibeca

Cala’n Porter is on the Southeast coast of the Island, is my favorite place on the island. In my opinion, the best beaches in Menorca are here. For adventurous, take the bike and go around Menorca in Cami del Cavalls.

Last recommendation but not least, Sou Bou village. I will talk deeply about Sou Bou as one of the camping spots in Menorca is located here. The beauty of the place and the access to Menorca’s longest sandy beach could explain why!

A good option to discover Menorca could also be some Menorca Tours around the island where you will visit the most beautiful areas including the ones I just talked about.

What are the best beaches in Menorca?

Menorca has tons of wild and awesome beaches, I will share with you my secret spots to relax and enjoy in Menorca:

In the north of the island:

  • Cala Pregonda
  • Playa del Pilar
  • Playa de Caballeria

South of the island:

  • Cala Fustam: not easily accessible by land, only by Cami de Cavalls.

Although free camping is not permitted in Menorca, I love bringing my picnic and camping gear to spend the whole day in these spots. Unfortunately, at night you have to leave.

Is Menorca a party island?

Compare to Mallorca? A straight No. Comparing to its close neighbors Mallorca and Ibiza the answer is no but that does not mean there is nothing to do. Although it is generally quiet at night, Menorca has a good nightlife, especially in Ciutadella and Mahon.

Camping in Menorca: Best campings on the island

Camping in Menorca is such a privilege, especially in the low season where places are not that crowded.

There we go with some camping tips before starting with camping spots in Menorca. The environment in Menorca is so magical and special and we all should take care of it on our holidays, that is why I always carry a camping portable bin to through the wastes of our picnics. And do not forget your trekking bots for some great hiking options on the island. If you don’t have much time and would like to visit several places on the island, I would advise you to rent a car on your arrival.

As we mentioned before, Menorca has quiet nightlife, so looking at the sky at night is completely a dream! Now, with all the needed information, is time to start with our favorite camping spots!


Camping in Menorca | Beautiful cala

Sou Bou camping

Sou Bou is a coastal village in the south of Menorca that belongs to Alayor municipality. It is characteristic for having one of the longest beaches on the island with 3 meters long, fine sand and crystal clear waters. Having a camping option in Sou Bou is totally a dream.

Camping Sou Bou offers a wide range of accommodation typologies from cheap camping parcels to glamping options! In my case, I always carry my camping tent and sleeping bags and rent a parcel during my stay in Menorca. If you are traveling on a budget or just love simplicity and wild camping, I would advise you to do the same.  You could spend a night in this paradise for only 20 € for 2 persons!

Camping S’Atalaia

Camping S’Atalaia is located in the South of the Island between Ferreries and Cala Galdana. It has super easy access to most of the main beaches close to the camping such as Cala Galdana, Trebalúger, Cala Mitjana…

For nature lovers, this is your spot! It is in the middle of so many natural wonders ready to be discovered. What is the best thing about it? The price! One adult could sleep here for 5,8 € (bringing your own tent ) and if you are the lucky one with a Van or motorhome you could spend a night in the camping for 7 € per night. It is the perfect fit for a traveler on a budget.

Independently where you decide to camp in Menorca, beaches are outstanding. I would highly recommend going diving and discover the sea life Menorca has to offer. Diving in Menorca is an adventure of a lifetime!


Camping in Menorca | Diving

Is Menorca safe for a female traveler?

Yes, Menorca is safe for female travelers and also solo travelers. The island vibes are great for travelers and people are very friendly. Although it is safe, I would advise you to avoid walking alone at night in empty streets, taking precautions is very important everywhere you go as a female traveler. 

Camping in Menorca is usually on every backpacker’s to-do list and now we have all the information needed to pack out things and go! I’ll be happy if you could share your experience with us in the comments section. Let’s keep on traveling and discovering new magical places! If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact me. See you around the world Nomadics!  



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