Berlin wall dividing one city for 26 years in a country that nowadays is one of the most welcoming and consistent of Europe


General Tips to travel to Germany

Your first words in German

Hello: Hallo
Goodbye: auf wiedersehen
Please: Bitte
Thank you: Danke schön
Your welcome: Gern geschehen
Yes/No: Ja/Nein
Currency: Euro since 2012
Population: 82, 79 million
Main religion: Christianity
Safety Rating: According to the Global Peaceful Index, Germany is the number 22 out of 163 countries.
Solo Female Travel: Easy and safe. During the day and during the night it is safe for a solo female traveler. I would always recommend to not walk alone in empty streets at night, no matter how safe the country is.


Germany is divided into three different areas when we talk about climate:

  • In the north, it rains for almost the whole year and it has mild weather.
  • In the east area, winters are really cold (temperatures below zero) and summers are warm.
  • The south is the warmer area.

Regarding the climate during the different seasons: in winter temperatures are between -5ºC and 8ºC (23 ºF and 46,4 ºF), depending on the area you are in and in summer temperatures could go up till 26ºC (78,8 ºF). Summer is the season when it rains the most.

Be ready for the cold of Berlin during the winter…



There are hundreds of places to sleep for people that travel on a budget. You could find good quality shared rooms in the capital (Berlin) from 15 $/night. The further you go from the center of the capital, the cheaper these places are.
If you can afford to pay individual accommodation, you will find good places to sleep with excellent locations for 35 €/night more or less.


By plane

The main international airports in Germany are located in: Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin -Tegel, Colonia, Hamburg, and Stuttgart. In any of these airports, you are able to take international flights with excellent connections.

By train

Traveling by train around Germany is easy, fast and comfortable. The network of trains connects 50 German cities. InterCity & InterCity Express are two of the most famous companies in Germany, they have regular journeys every day to almost all the cities in Germany.

By bus

Taking into account price-quality service relations, buses are the best option to travel in Germany. The price is very low and the service offered is of high quality. Before traveling to Germany, check the International Association of Tourism by Bus (Internationaler Bustouristik Verband) to explore all the offers you have for your bus journey. During my trips to different places across Germany, I traveled with Deutsche Touring GmbH and it is highly recommendable.


Main dishes in Germany are the following:

  • Bratwurst: this sausage type is made of minced meat and it is one of the most popular dishes in Germany. They are part of the German fast food and they can be eaten anywhere, they are perfect for any occasion. The meat used is usually pork.
  • Spätzle: Typical from southern Germany, it can be served as an accompaniment or as a single dish. It is prepared with flour, egg, salt, and sugar.
  • Schnitzel Holstein: The Schnitzel Holstein consists of/on beef breaded in flour and fried in butter. It is accompanied by a fried egg, fried fish and white bread, although you can also add beans and roasted potatoes.
  • Strudel: The Strudel is a typical pie-shaped dessert that can be of different types, the most popular is the apple strudel.

Do not forget to accompany these meals with a big local beer!

5 things to do in Germany


Discover on the biggest and most important Beer Fairs in the World! It takes place every year in the first fortnight of October in several cities of Germany. The most famous one is in Munich.


Visit the amazing Christmas markets

The main ones I recommend are located in Colonia, Stuttgart, and Nuremberg. Taste the Hot wine typical form Germany at Christmas and enjoy the beautiful local shops!

Holocaust Monument

This monument is located in the capital of Germany (Berlin) in Memorial to Jews killed in Europe during the Nazi supremacy. It was inaugurated in 2005.


Walk all the way through the Berlin Wall

Situated in the historic site on Bernauer Strasse in Berlin. It extends along 1.4 kilometers of the former border strip. The memorial contains the last piece of Berlin Wall with the preserved grounds behind it and is, thus, able to convey an impression of how the border fortifications developed until the end of the 1980s.


Trekking to Lake Obersee

The Obersee is a natural lake at the southeast end of the Berchtesgadener Land district of the German state of Bavaria, near the Austrian border. The entire lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park. Enjoy small trekking and relax with a picnic beside the lake!