Italy is not only about its colossal monuments but the wonders of its landscapes and the elegance of its people


General Tips to travel to Italy

Your first words in Italian:

Hello: Ciao
Goodbye: Addio
Please: Prego
Thank you: Grazie
Yes/No: Se/ No
Currency: Euro (EUR) since 1999
Population: 60, 59 million
Main religion: Christianity
Safety Rating: According to the Global Peaceful Index, Italy is the number 39 out of 163 countries.
Solo Female Traveler: Easy and safe. During the day and during the night this country is safe for solo female travel. There is a lot of activity and party during the night until the early morning. Try not to go back to the accommodation alone at night to avoid problems.


The climate in Italy is very diverse and it could vary a lot depending on the geographical area you are in.


Weather in Italy is usually warm, the temperatures vary from 11ºC to 23 ºC (51,8 ºF to 73,4 ºF). Also, it may rain a little.


During this season there are very high temperatures and it could be very hot in southern areas. During this season in Italy, the weather is usually dry. In central and southern areas of the country, it can be more humid. The average temperature in the country goes between 16ºC to 29ºC (60,8 ºF to 84,2 ºF).


Rainy days increase and the temperature gets colder.


During this season, the weather in Italy varies depending on the area, in some regions such as the coast of Sardinia the cold is mild. In other regions such as the north of the country, temperatures are very low. In addition, it usually snows and the ambiance is very humid. Temperatures drop around -4ºC and 7ºC (24,8 ºF and 44,6 ºF).


There is a great variety of accommodation in Italy. You can find well-located hostels for backpackers in the cities for around 10-13 $/night. There are also a lot of choices of mid-budget hotels and apartments for prices around 22-27 $/night.


By plane

There are a lot of international airports in Italy where you will be able to pick a flight to any country in Europe and outside the continent.

International airports are:

Aeropuerto de Roma-Fiumicino – Leonardo Da Vinci, Aeropuerto de Milán-Linate, Aeropuerto de Milán-Malpensa, Aeropuerto de Venecia-Marco Polo, Aeropuerto de Bolonia-Guglielmo Marconi.

Local transport

To move around the Italian cities the cheapest transport you can use is the bus. A well-known bus company is MarinoBus.
Also, a common way of traveling in Italy is by using the App BlaBla Car. If you have never heard of it, let me explain it briefly: It is an app where a driver uploads their route and then, you can book a place in their car to travel with them in case it matches their route. What do people gain with BlaBla Car? Cheap transportation and meeting new people.

Renting a car

In case you want more flexibility, you have hundreds of options to rent a car. Probably the best option is managing it at the moment you arrive at the airport.


Pasta and pizza are the most popular dishes in Italy. They are cooked in different ways and with multiple ingredients. Depending on the area you are traveling to, you will find different ingredients in each dish. For example, if you are on the coast your pizza and pasta will probably include seafood.

 Pizza-Italy Italian-pasta

5 things to do in Italy


Venice is a set of 120 islands linked through bridges. From Mestre, you can reach Venice using the Liberty Bridge. One of the most romantic cities in the world!


Trevi Fountain

This is one of the largest monumental fountains of the Baroque in Rome. Everyone here looks for luck by throwing coins to the fountain.

The national park of the Dolomites

The area protected by the National Park extends over 32km2 it is located straddling the territories of 15 municipalities north of the central section of the Piave valley, the Val Belluna. A trekking in this natual wonder is a must if you visit Italy.

Lago di Como

It is located in the region of Lombardy. Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It is a quiet and pleasant lake surrounded by beautiful villages where you can spend a quiet and very special holiday. It feels like being in a dream once you are there!


Enjoy the beaches and good weather in Sicily