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While discovering the south of Spain during one of my multiple road trips in this country I enjoyed every single part of it. It is a place where you will always have new things to discover about its culture, very changing landscapes and one of the best gastronomies in the world. And…I can not forget its incredible vibes and party!!
How long more are you going to wait to prepare your South Spain road trip? My objective has been to prepare the itinerary as it was for me or for a very good friend, full of sincerity and collecting the most amazing places in the region!

In order to place you…here you have a South coast of Spain map.


South coast of Spain map

Let’s start with some general aspects you may know while planning a Spain trip.

When to visit Spain? 

September, the best month of the year to travel to Spain, not too hot and not cold at all.
It does not mean that the rest of the month is not worth it! No!! If you have the option, go whenever you can, It is always awesome.
Apart from that, In Spain, there are always things to do: From enjoying the sun in the south of Spain in summer to go skiing and hiking in the impressive mountains of Sierra Nevada in winter.

Is Spain Safe?

Yes, it is safe. But as female travelers, we have to always take some precautions during our journeys. Some tips for you:

1. Do not walk alone at night. Unless you are on a busy street, avoid walking alone at night.

2. Listen to locals and their recommendations about unsafe neighborhoods in their cities.

3- Do not share a car with an unknown. What does this mean? Do not hitchhike in lonely places or at night. On the other hand, to reduce the cost of transport between cities and meet new people download the BlaBla Car app, a regulated app of shared cars between people traveling to the same place at the same time. Yes, you go into the car of an unknown but…behind that journey there is an app following your trip and that already have checked the official information of the driver and passengers. In case you do not arrive at the destination when agreed or something happens to the driver’s car you are always covered by insurance.

How do I plan a road trip to Spain?

While planning a trip to Spain just be ready with a valid ( on date) passport (for those non-residents of Spain). Decide how are you going to get there, how to get around the country and…the rest is just enjoying and having fun!
In case, after this detailed article, you still have doubts about your Spain road trip such as:  your itinerary, what to pack, budget breakdown, visa required or whatever that could come to your mind…You are welcome to check my travel consulting service and I will help you out organizing your awesome South Spain road trip. It does not matter if you are a solo traveler or you travel with a group, we could organize all it according to your preferences!! 

If you are thinking of camping during your South Spain road trip here are some suggestions:

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  • Another basic on the journey is this camping gas for cooking. Spain is not expensive and you have to try the food from the local restaurants but if you want to save some money you better cook yourself someday.
  • And my favorite footwear that fits for small trekking and to go out during the day!

How do you travel around southern Spain?

Riding a bike, hiring a car, by plane? Still with doubts about how to travel around southern Spain? The best way to travel thought Spain is by hiring a car. Distances are not huge and, between cities, you could find incredible spots and more things to see, it is always on the way where you find the most special things.

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If you are looking to rent a van, I would advise you about renting it from a private owner (always cheaper) in yescapa.

If you want to reduce to the lowest your budget, Spanish public transport is really good and will get you to almost every corner of the country!
Looking for a more adventurer journey? Checkout El Camino de Santiago. An amazing experience to have in Spain: walking, on your bike or by horse!

Is it easy to drive around Spain?

A really important point you need to know is that in Spain we drive on the left. Also, if you are not from the European Union, you will need to get the international driving license to drive a car in Spain, do not worry; it is a very simple procedure. Besides that, the roads are really good and that makes driving very easy.

Now let´s get started with our trip to the south of Spain…

Southern Spain Road Trip

10 days in Spain itinerary

Total 1.013 km – 10 days Spain road trip itinerary

My map of the south of Spain road trip

You’ve probably had already heard about Andalucia, that white paradise in the south of Spain very close to Africa. Their infrastructures, their beaches, and music everywhere! Have you ever heard of Flamenco? Get ready to start dancing on your next South Spain road trip.

Also, If you are able to travel to this area in April, you will discover the most traditional and incredible Fairs in Spain such us…The April Fair in Sevilla!!
The itinerary I’ve prepared for you could be done in 10 days approximately. So let’s get ready for your 10 days in Spain itinerary.

Day 1 & 2: Sevilla

While you are visiting Sevilla, you will probably hear more than once “Sevilla Tiene un color especiaaaaaal…”. What does that mean? ” This famous song course says: “Sevilla has a special color”. , from “Los del Rio” ( their authors) were not wrong when the composed it. Amazin city, awesome history, and huge patrimony. It has the third biggest old town in Europe, behind Genova and Venezia! What an honor.

Countless tourist attractions make this city the third most visited in Spain, and it is not surprising for the number of monuments in Seville that allow tourists to travel back centuries of history.

Things to do in Sevilla

What a difficult question talking about one of the most beautiful cities in Europe…But let me highlight 3 essential things to do in Sevilla…


South Spain Road Trip | Sevilla

Things to do in Sevilla

a) Real Alcazar: A visit to one of the most ancient palaces in the world. This palace has been a witness to a lot of different cultures such as Arab, gothic, and baroque. Could you imagine how impressive it has to be? Do not miss its gardens!

  • Tickets for Real Alcazar: 14 $
  • Opening hours: April to September from 9:30 hr to 19 hr and October to March from 9:30hr to 17 hr.

b) Seville Cathedral: What a jewel, the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. The Giralda, the cathedral’s bell tower, is the old belfry that used to call Muslims to pray 5 times per day.  It is impressive, you have to go and see it with your own eyes!

  • Ticket for Seville Catherdral: 23 $
  • Opening hours: 8 am–2 pm, 4 pm–7 pm

c) Triana neighborhood: if you are looking to understand the art and uniqueness of Sevilla and its culture, save an afternoon to walk through this neighborhood. This picturesque neighborhood was originally a fishing area in Sevilla. Get closer to the bridge in Plaza del Altozano and Calle Betis, is wonderful. It is also the most traditional place in Sevilla to eat well, have some drinks, and listed the most authentic flamenco.

Day 3 & 4: Cordoba

Cordoba is probably less known than Sevilla but it is no less impressive! An awesome city that left me with no words. The perfect thing about this place is that almost every historic site to visit is within walking distance from the city center. If you want to deeply understand the richness of Cordoba you would have to spend maybe 2-3 days. It is impossible to resume in these lines all that you need to see while in Cordoba but, If I have to choose 3 places between all its monuments I would go for…

Things to do in Cordoba

a) Cordoba Mosque: The magestuosic monument was built between the years 786 and 988, It is the most important monument in Cordoba and in the top-10 monuments in Spain.  Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984, It was the best example of Muslim art in Spain, and the largest mosque in the West.

  • Ticket for Cordoba Mosque: 11 $
  • Opening hours: From 08:30 to 09:30, from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00.

b) Roman Bridge Gate: Erroneously called the arc of triumph, it was one of the access to the city when the Romans were still living in Cordoba. This monumental gate was built when the Muslims arrive at the city and was again reformed with the arrival of  King Felipe II to Cordoba. Feel free to enjoy the beautiful engravings and drawings in the gate and do not miss by any change to access to the lookout! You’ll be able to have amazing views of the Roman Bridge and the Calahorra Tower.

  • Ticket for Roman Bridge Gate: 1.5 $
  • Opening hours: From 10:00 to 14:00 hours.

c) The Alcazar of the Spanish Kings: This was, probably, my favorite building in Cordoba. All the architecture within those fortresses and walls is amazing and seems incredible to imagine all the life inside those walls years ago but, in my opinion, the most amazing is the beautiful courtyards they had, the fountains surrounded by that bright green color accompanied by flowers of all different colors.

  • Ticket for The Alcazar of the Spanish Kings: 4.5 $
  • Opening hours: From 08:30h – 15:00h. Monday close.

South Spain Road trip | Cordoba

Day 5: Jaén

Although due to the size of the city, one day is enough for Jaen, for me, it is a mandatory stop on your south Spain road trip. Be aware that, during the summer, it is extremely hot!  Although the main attractions know for most of the people in the city is their delicious olive oil, Jaen has so much to offer: Several cities in Jaen are World Heritage site, they have an ancient Ibero-Roman city and the battle of ” Las Navas de Tolosa” took place there.


Spain road trip itineraries | Jaen

Things to do in Jaén

a) Jaen Cathedral: This cathedral has been one of the most important examples of renaissance and also, a beautiful piece of art for anyone that has come to visit it. It is located in the middle of the city so that you get spectacular views of the city from the highest part of the cathedral. As a curiosity, it is the only Spanish cathedral surrounded by balconies.

  • Ticket for Jaen Cathedral: 5 $
  • Opening hours: 10 a 14 y de 16 a 19 h.

b) Arab Baths: Located in Villardompardo Palace, these are the biggest Arab baths in Spain. It is really worth the visit, not only to the impressive well maintain baths but also to the building on top of the baths and the art museum.

  • Ticket for Arab Baths: Free
  • Opening hours: 9 h. to 22 h. Sunday, from 9 h to 15h. Monday close.

c) La Alameda: Are you also one of those nature lovers that love walking below the tree shade? The “Alameda de los Capuchinos” is the oldest park in Jaen with more than 5 centuries of history which makes it really special. I recommend to go for a walk in the late afternoon, here you can take shelter with the trees and get away from the heat that is in the city of Jaen.

Day 6 : Cabo de Gata

This is probably a stop that not a lot of people mention while traveling to Spain but for me it is crucial! If you are one of those travelers that love discovering uncommon places, out of big cities and with few tourists this is your place. Exotic landscapes, small coastal towns, pirate ruins, deserts, beaches, and wild coves, these are some of the things you could discover in this paradisiac destination…


South Spain Road trip | Cabo de Gata

Things to do in Cabo de Gata

a) The Dead beach: The name of Dead beach is caused, formerly, it was the place where they dumped the wrecked bodies. The color of the water plus the 1 km of soft sand, make me want to stay forever here! In my opinion the most special beach in Cabo de Gata. As an advice, don’t go loaded with tools for the beach as the entrance is through a path that takes about 15 minutes.

b) La Isla del Moro: This beautiful fishing village is, without doubts, my favorite town in Cabo de Gata. Although it is small, it has several things to do besides enjoying their streets and beach such as 2 amazing trekking routes and incredible places to go diving for nature lovers.

As an advice, try to visit it outside the high season in July and August.

c) Arrecife de las Sirenas: Landscapes in Cabo de Gata look like something out of a movie. besides its incredible beaches, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular and unexpected views from its lookouts. Arrecife de las Sirenas is, personally, my favorite one, but La Granatilla Lookout, La Amatista Lookout are also two very beautiful ones.

Day 7 & 8: Granada

There are places that you simply fall in love with, and Granada is one of those. If you have already been there, you will probably understand what I am talking about. That’s why I think this should be a mandatory stop in your southern Spain road trip.


South Spain road trip | Granada

Things to do in Granada

a) Albaicin: Everything is special about this neighborhood. Take your time to walk through its streets and benefit from the magic of the place. It is also a very good place if you are looking for accommodation in Granada.

b) La Alhambra de Granada, it is probably not the first time you hear someone talking about La Alhambra de Granada and it is a must-see in your road trip to the south Spain road trip. It is located in Sabika hill and it is, obviously considered World heritage. Cannot pass through Granada and not visit this magestuosic palace, each corner has its own history and I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

  • Ticket for Arab Baths: 15 $
  • Opening hours: From 08:30 a 20:00 h

South Spain road trip | La Alhambra de Granada

c) The Cathedral of Granada: One of the surprises of this city, while La Alhambra of Granada is the best known in Granada and in Spain, the Cathedral has nothing to envy. Beautiful architecture and especially the temple dedicated to Santa María de la Encarnación. Also, do not miss that, in the Royal Chapel is where the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs, Juana la Loca, and Felipe el Hermoso lie. Worth a visit to this impressive religious place.

And do not miss a  Tapas tour in the city center, special mention to the gastronomic travelers or tapas addicts! Get into the center of Granada and spend some time from bar to bar checking their best they can offer. Order a drink and start enjoying Tapas.

Day 9: Ronda

Located in the province of Malaga this town is magical. It is beautiful but also very small, so it will only take one day from your South Spain road trip. New Bridge or what in Spanish is called “Puente Nuevo” is one of the most breathtaking views of this Spain road trip itinerary! Also, do not go from Ronda without enjoying the view from the top of Ronda Wall.


South Spain road trip | Ronda

Things to do in Ronda

a) Puente Nuevo: As I already mentioned previously, In Puente Nuevo you’ll enjoy of amazing views from the city and also, of the births of the city. Attention, it is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights.

b) Cuenca Gardens: Beautiful gardens located in the cornice of “Tajo de Ronda” with crazy views of the terraces of Ronda. I would say this is a mandatory stop on your south Spain road trip.

c) Aldehuela Viewpoint: No matter what direction you look at, this lookout is impressive. From there, your eyes will be able to reach  Tajo de Ronda, Puente Nuevo, and river Guadalvin 

Day 10: Cadiz 

Getting closer and closer to our neighbor continent, Africa, we find the pearl of Andalucia. It is one of those cities that you never forget about your South Spain road trip, impressive old town, infinite beaches, and beautiful lookouts. From the central market of Cadiz and Cadiz promenade ( paseo Maritimo in Spanish if you want to try  tongue-out ) till Saint Catalina Palace. Also, If you feel energic and like driving for 1 more hour (or taking the bus, there are plenty), I would recommend you to visit Tarifa. It is a small town with windy beaches in the very south of Spain where the more sportive travelers could go and practice Windsurf!


South Spain road trip | Cadiz

Things to do in Cadiz

Cadiz is not a small city in Andalucia so there are plenty of things to do, but, if I have to highlight 3…

a) Pópulo neighborhood: It is the most ancient neighborhood in Cadiz, where you’ll find the cathedral and the Roman theatre. But it is not only the most ancient in Cádiz but, The Pópulo neighborhood is also considered the most ancient in Europe!

b) Abastos central market: As you may already know, I love markets, in my opinion they reflect the culture and customs of a region. I really like going here, especially because it remains as traditional and natural as decades before, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of delices!

c) Tavira Tower: Do you want to see Cadiz once? Tower Tavira is the highest point in Cadiz, where you will enjoy the best views!

And…that is the end of our South Spain road trip, as you can see in this road trip you will enjoy culture, nature and visit some of the most beautiful monuments in Spain.

I hope you now feel ready to start your incredible journey of 10 days in South Spain! You won’t be disappointed.  If you need and an extra hand to organize your journey to this incredible country, do not hesitate to contact me on gabriela@nomadicmindtravel.com and I will help you!


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