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Spain! Besides the deep knowledge I have about it, I am very much excited about this post as it is my home country! It is a place where you will always have new things to discover about its culture, very changing landscapes and one of the best gastronomies in the world. And…I can not forget its incredible vibes and party!!
These 6 Spain road trip itineraries are prepared for all types of travelers ( for a backpacker budget as well wink ) and ready to be done at any time of the year! How long more are you going to wait to prepare your Spain road trip? My principal objective has been to prepare each itinerary as it was for me or for a very good friend, full of sincerity and collecting the most amazing places in the country!

In case you are planning to travel to the north of Spain, I highly suggest taking a good raincoat with you. In my case, it was really needed cool


Spain road trip itineraries

When is the best time of the year to visit Spain?

September, the best month of the year to travel to Spain, not too hot and not cold at all.
It does not mean that the rest of the month is not worth it! No!! If you have the option, go whenever you can, It is always awesome. Take into account that in summer in the center and south it is very hot and in autumn and winter in the north it is rainy.
Apart from that, In Spain, there are always things to do: From enjoying the sun in the islands and south part of Spain to go skiing and hiking in the impressive mountains in the center and north of Spain.

Is Spain Safe?

Yes, it is safe. But as female travelers, we have to always take some precautions during our journeys. Some tips for you:

1. Do not walk alone at night. Unless you are on a busy street, avoid walking alone at night.

2. Listen to locals and their recommendations about unsafe neighborhoods in their cities.

3- Do not share a car with an unknown. What does this mean? Do not hitchhike in lonely places or at night. On the other hand, to reduce the cost of transport between cities and meet new people download the BlaBla Car app, a regulated app of shared cars between people traveling to the same place at the same time. Yes, you go into the car of an unknown but…behind that journey there is an app following your trip and that already have checked the official information of the driver and passengers. In case you do not arrive at the destination when agreed or something happens to the driver’s car you are always covered by insurance.

How to plan a trip to Spain?

While planning a trip to Spain just be ready with a valid ( on date) passport (for those non-residents of Spain). Decide how are you going to get there, how to get around the country and…the rest is just enjoying and have fun!
In case, after this detailed article, you still have doubts about your Spain road trip such as:  your itinerary, what to pack, budget breakdown, visa required or whatever that could come to your mind…You are welcome to check my travel consulting service and I will help you out organizing your awesome road trip to Spain. It does not matter if you are a solo traveler or you travel with a group, we could organize all it according to your preferences!!

What is the best way to travel in Spain?

Riding a bike, hiring a car, by plane? Still with doubts about how to travel around Spain? The best way to travel thought Spain is by hiring a car. Distances are not huge and, between cities, you could find incredible spots and more things to see, it is always on the way where you find the most special things.

Where should you rent a car? Check rentalcars to discover the best prices!
If you are looking to rent a van, I would advise you about renting it from a private owner (always cheaper) in yescapa.

If you want to reduce to the lowest your budget, Spanish public transport is really good and will get you to almost every corner of the country!
Looking for a more adventurer journey? Checkout El Camino de Santiago. An amazing experience to have in Spain walking, on your bike or by horse!

Is driving in Spain hard?

A really important point you need to know is that in Spain we drive on the left. Also, if you are not from the European Union, you will need to get the international driving license to drive a car in Spain, do not worry; it is a very simple procedure. Besides that, the roads are really good and that makes driving very easy.

What about the food?

The ’aperitivo’ is a habit embedded in Spanish culture. This is a small meal we have at midday which usually consists of wine or beer and something to eat like olives, calamari, chips, or the legendary Spanish tortilla. In Spain, a bar isn’t valued by the quality of its coffee or beer but for the quality of its tortilla.


Spain road trip itineraries | Vieiras, typical aperitive in the north of Spain (Galicia)


5 Top Spain road trip itineraries

Of course, durations of each road trip are just an approximation, it depends on your preferences and the time you want to spend in each city. And now, let’s start our Spanish road trips!


Basque Country road trip itinerary

Total 170 km – 5 to 7 Days Spain road trip itinerary

The 3 words that best describe the Basque Country are history, culture, and nature. It is home to the highest concentration of Michelin Stars but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to taste its famous food which mainly consists of fish, meat, fresh vegetables, and wine. In this 7-10 day self-drive itinerary I have prepared for you, you will have a taste of the best food at a very reasonable price and being completely immersed in its unique culture and nature. I find this Spanish Vacation Itinerary as the best in Spain.


The best place to start the Basque Country road trip is Bilbao due to its international airport, good road and train connections. It is my favorite city in Spain due to its traditions and closeness with nature. The river shapes the city and you should follow the stream if you want to immerse in its culture.

Things to do in Bilbao

a) Guggenheim Museum: Your first stop should be the Guggenheim Museum. This Museum is worldwide known due to its unique architecture. I personally recommend taking the time to enter the Museum and to try to understand the pieces of art.


Spain road trip itineraries | Guggenheim Museum


b) Wine & Tapas along the river: Go straight to El Casco Viejo. You should then follow the walking path along ‘La Ría’ to ‘El Casco Viejo’ or ‘Old Town’ to the different Bars to have a taste of probably the best food you can have in Spain or in your vacations. We call ‘Pintxos’ or ‘Tapas’ to small portions of food you can simply grab in the bar. Tip, taste the Bacalao Fish or ‘Cod stuffed in Pepper’. The wine of the Basque Region is also astonishing, the most known type of wine is called ‘Txakoli’. If you feel like moving on, simply get lost along the many streets of Old Town or keep on walking along the river.

c) Soccer match in Athletic Bilbao’s stadium, San Mamés: If you are lucky enough to coincide with a soccer game in San Mamés it is extremely worth it, even if you are not a soccer fan. Athletic Club is not a soccer club but a religion, the crowd goes wild in any game singing local popular songs that will embrace you. It is the only time along with Barcelona and Real Madrid that have never descended to the second league and the Stadium is new and categorized as one of the best in Europe.


Getxo should definitely be on your itinerary. Getxo is a town that sits at the point where the famous river of Bilbao and the ocean meet. It is only 30 minutes by car from Bilbao and you can also take the metro which will take around 40 minutes.


Spain road trip itineraries | Getxo


Things to do in Getxo

a) Coastal Walk: There is a beautiful coastal walk of more than 20 kilometers that starts in The Hanging Bridge in Las Arenas and finishes on the beach of Sopelana. You can shorten the coastal walk or you can take a bike although it can be a bit hilly. The coastal walk guides you through awesome beaches with very good surf. If you want to have a try, you can easily rent a surfboard at Sopelana beach.

b) Wine & Tapas at ‘Puerto Viejo’ or Old Port: 30 minutes walking distance from the Hanging Bridge is the ‘Puerto Viejo’ or the old port. This is a typical Basque Fishing Port with exceptional bars and restaurants and traditional houses. I would really recommend you spending the money on any of the Restaurants to have a taste of fresh fish, my favorite fish is the ‘Lubina’ or ‘Rodaballo’, in English, they are called ‘Seabass’ and ‘Rodaballo’.


Palencia is a fishing village known for its beautiful river. I would really recommend you hiring a kayak near the beach and paddle with the tide in favor along its beautiful river. You will be surrounded by vast mountains and some wildlife, if you take a fishing rod you might be lucky in this river. The are many restaurants and bars where you can have a taste of the local food and of course, wine!


Spain road trip itineraries | Plencia


San Juan de Gaztelugatxe or Dragonstone

This is a really a must in your self-drive road trip, especially for Game of Thrones fans since it is Dragonstone, Daenery’s Castle. This amazing island is connected with a stone bridge and once you follow all the steps to the top you will get to a small church with absolutely astonishing views all around you. There is a high-quality restaurant where you park your car which is really worth it but it is not cheap.


Spain road trip itineraries | San Juan de Gaxtelugatxe


Mundaka is one of my favorite spots along the northern Spanish coast. If you are doing a road trip along the north of Spain this is a town where you can really experience all the Basque culture in just one place.
Home to one of the best surfing waves in the world, a huge left barrel when it’s pumping. The town was built around the traditional port where you can see different fishermen doing their job. As always, there are very good fish tapas and wine in the area, especially in the Bars and Restaurants near the port. In your road trip should also be included Laga Beach which is just beside Mundaka. Great place for free camping beside the beach and it is also a great spot for surfers and climbers.


Spain road trip itineraries | Mundaka



Lekeitio is a beautiful village with a magical gothic temple just beside the beach. It is really worth it to walk along with the port, visiting the temple and then walking along the beach. There are very nice restaurants along this walk.

San Sebastian

And last but not least, the worldwide known city of San Sebastian or ‘Donostia’ in the Basque language. This is the best place to finish or start your 5-7 days self drive road trip northern region of Spain of the Basque Country since you can experience many things in the same city.

Where to eat in San Sebastian

a) La Concha Bay is surrounded by many Bars and Restaurants with local food. I especially recommend jumping from bar to bar tasting the house wine and their special Tapas or ‘Pintxos’. Fish Tapas are my favorite. A tip for you, if you are visiting the city in Autumn try every single Tapa and dish with mushroom, you will remember them for the rest of your life.
b) In Old Town, you will find less touristic Bars and Restaurants and prices also decrease but not the quality. You fill find less variety but still awesome quality.


Spain road trip itineraries

Southern Spain Road Trip

Total 1.013 km – 14 days Spain road trip itinerary

You’ve probably had already heard about Andalucia, that white paradise in the south of Spain very close to Africa. Their infrastructures, their beaches, and music everywhere! Have you ever heard of Flamenco? Get ready to start dancing on your next road trip to Spain. If you are able to travel to this area in April, you will discover the most traditional and incredible Fairs in Spain such us…The April Fair in Sevilla!!
The itinerary I’ve prepared for you could be done in 14 days approximately. So let’s get ready for your 14 days southern Spain itinerary.


Amazin city, awesome history, and huge patrimony. It has the third biggest old town in Europe, behind Genova and Venezia! What an honor.
Things to do in Sevilla
What a difficult question talking about one of the most beautiful cities in Europe…Highlighting 3 essential things to do in Sevilla…


Spain road trip itineraries | Sevilla


Things to do in Sevilla

a) Real Alcazar: A visit to one of the most ancient palaces in the world. This palace has been a witness to a lot of different cultures such as Arab, gothic and baroque. Could you imagine how impressive it has to be? Do not miss its gardens!

b) Seville Cathedral: What a jewel, the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. The Giralda, the cathedral’s bell tower, is the old belfry that used to call Muslims to pray 5 times per day.  It is impressive, you have to go and see it with your own eyes!

Ticket for Seville Catherdral: 23 $

c) Triana neighborhood: if you are looking to understand the art and uniqueness of Sevilla and its culture, save an afternoon to walk through this neighborhood.


There are places that you simply fall in love with, and Granada is one of those. If you have already been there, you will probably understand what I am talking about. That’s why I think this should be a mandatory stop in your southern Spain road trip.


Spain road trip itineraries | Granada

Things to do in Granada

a) Albaicin: Everything is special about this neighborhood. Take your time to walk through its streets and benefit from the magic of the place. It is also a very good place if you are looking for accommodation in Granada.

b) La Alhambra de Granada, it is probably not the first time you hear someone talking about La Alhambra de Granada and it is a must-see in your road trip in the south of Spain. It is located in Sabika hill and it is, obviously considered World heritage. Cannot pass through Granada and not visit this magestuosic palace, each corner has its own history and I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


Spain road trip itineraries | La Alhambra de Granada


c) Tapas tour in the city center, special mention to the gastronomic travelers or tapas addicts! Get into the center of Granada and spend some time from bar to bar checking their best they can offer. Order a drink and start enjoying Tapas!

Cabo de Gata

This is probably a stop that not a lot of people mention while traveling to Spain but for me it is crucial! If you are one of those travelers that love discovering uncommon places, out of big cities and with few tourists this is your place. Do not miss “Los Genoveses Beach”, “Faro de Cabo de Gata”, “La Isla del Moro”, “Nijar” & “Arrecife de las Sirenas


Spain road trip itineraries | Cabo de Gata



Getting closer and closer to our neighbor continent, Africa, we find the pearl of Andalucia. It is one of those cities that you never forget about your Spain road trip, impressive old town, infinite beaches, and beautiful lookouts. From the central market of Cadiz and Cadiz promenade ( paseo Maritimo in Spanish if you want to try  tongue-out ) till Saint Catalina Palace. If you feel energic and like driving for 1 more hour (or taking the bus, there are plenty), I would recommend you to visit Tarifa. It is a small town with windy beaches in the very south of Spain where the more sportive travelers could go and practice Windsurf!


Spain road trip itineraries | Cadiz



Cordoba is probably less known than Sevilla and Granada but it is not less! An awesome city that leaves me with no words. The perfect thing about this place is that almost every historic site to visit is within walking distance from the city center. It is impossible to resume in these lines all that you need to see while in Cordoba but, If I have to choose 3 places between all its monuments I would go for… Cordoba Mosque, Roman Bridge Gate and Alcazar of the Spanish Kings. If you want to deeply understand the richness of Cordoba you would have to spend maybe 2-3 days.


Spain road trip itineraries | Cordoba


Located in the province of Malaga this town is magical. It is beautiful but also very small, so it will only take one day from your Spanish road trip. New Bridge or what in Spanish is called “Puente Nuevo” is one of the most breathtaking views of this Spain road trip itinerary! Also, do not go from Ronda without enjoying the view from the top of Ronda Wall.


Spain road trip itineraries | Ronda


Although one day is enough for Jaen, for me, it is a mandatory stop on your road trip to Spain. Be aware that, during the summer, it is extremely hot! Jaen Cathedral, Arab baths, and La Alameda are top 3 touristic attractions in Jaen.


Spain road trip itineraries | Jaen



Another good stop while in Malaga is Nejar. It is only 60 km from Malaga and counts with great communications by public transport. The old town of Nejar is beautiful,  it worth a visit and, in my opinion, the most important place to visit in Nejar is its caves, they are impressive and you will definitely enjoy its nature!

East-coast road Spain trip itinerary

Total 708 km -> 10 days Spanish road trip

The east coast of Spain has a unique identity. Weather and climate create a lifestyle and culture. The Mediterranean sea, categorized as warm temperatures and not fierce shapes this coast and the traditions of its inhabitants. It is a very welcoming part of Spain due to its pleasant temperatures and calm weather but especially its people

Along this coast, you will find out that your itinerary completely changes from one place to the other. From the roaring cities of Barcelona and Valencia to the calmness of Costa Brava or Altea. Discover the wonders for your customized Spain self-drive road trip. This route is perfect if you are 10 days in Spain. Along this coast, you will find plenty of bars and restaurants close to the beach with a hot atmosphere and an authentic style. Many foreigners spend their whole summer, year after year, wandering along this coast. Sit back and relax. 

Costa Brava

This area located north of Barcelona and close to the French border is characterized by its beautiful villages, its rocky coastline, and beautiful mountains. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, the landscapes this area has to offer are heartbreaking. If you are planning to visit Costa Brava in summer, book accommodation in advance and it gets a lot of people during the season, especially in August. 


Spain road trip itineraries | Costa Brava


Let’s start with Barcelona. This multicultural city is the capital of Catalonia and the second biggest city in Spain, after Madrid. This city is home to unique artists and architects like Antoni Gaudí, whom’s buildings and pieces of art can be spotted along with the city. 

For food lovers, this city is home to more than 20 Michelin stars. But if you don’t want to expend a lot of money you’ve got plenty of options in many different parts of the city. The urban beaches give the city a very bohemian and cool atmosphere, as well as its world-class nightlife


Spain road trip itineraries | Barcelona


Things to do in Barcelona 

a) Las Ramblas: One of the most touristic attractions in the city. This lively street connects the urban beach with the city center, Plaça Catalunya. There is so much going on here, feel free to let go and enjoy anything you wish from a fresh horchata to a freshly baked ‘gofre’ or waffle, to watch or interact with the multiple artists performing or visiting the different shops. 

b) Sagrada Familia: The main work of Antoni Gaudí. This majestic church is the banner of the city. This church is alive since it is still in the process of becoming the tallest church building in the world. Through time is has incorporated different architectural styles. 


Spain road trip itineraries | Sagrada Familia

c) La Boquería: This lively market is both a gastronomical and educational experience. Here is where you get to taste the freshest and unique food of the city. Get immersed in these markets and simply talk to everyone to understand where does this food comes from and its history. Around the market, there are plenty of places to have Tapas and a drink.

d) Park Güell: This fantasy fairy-like park is simply majestic. Here, Gaudí let go of his imagination and created a very unique piece of art. There is a huge terrace with great views of the city. 


Our next stop on the east coast Spain road trip is Tarragona. You can not miss what we call in Spain: The heart of Costa Daurada. It is a very historical city in Spain. Archaeologists, historians, screenwriters, storytellers work continuously to discover and show the world everything about this impressive city.

Things to do in Tarragona

a) Part Alta: For a long time, this was the place where everyone was living: the residential area of Tarragona. Take your time to go along these streets and enjoy the peace of them.

b) Tarragona amphitheater: Located at the end of Part Alta. Built-in the late-100s and with a capacity of 1,500 persons it has an existing setting nowadays.  If you are interested in romantic history, this is a place you can not miss from this city.

c) Tarragona cathedral: A very special romanesque and gothic church that you must see in your way through Tarragona. Its immediate surroundings are full of restaurants, coffees, and small traditional shops.

d) Pont del diable (Les Ferreres aqueduct): Completing the archeological history of Tarragona, 5 minutes north,  this is my favorite tourist attraction of the area!


Spain road trip itineraries | Tarragona


e) Parque natural delta del Ebro: This is the biggest humid area in Catalonia with 302 square meters. The government declares this as a natural park since 1983 and protected this beautiful area as humans were exploiting the area for its interests. This natural park is for a lot of different kinds of nature, from the mountain to beaches and rivers and also, a lot of charming towns Amposta, where most of the population ins located.


Valencia is much more than only ”fallas” and ”paella”. My best advice is to do a free tour around the city to discover it’s main attractions, the tours are free and they only get money from the tips, it really worth it! 


Spain road trip itineraries | Valencia

Things to do in Valencia

a) Miguelete: Miguelete is known as the bell tower of Valencia cathedral and from here, you will enjoy the views of the whole city. But everything can not be perfect, and before enjoying the views, there are 207 steps…but come on! Let’s do it, you will see an impressive panoramic of Valencia cool

b) Barrio del Carmen: Do you like urban art? This is your place! The most colorful and artistic neighborhood of Valencia. Spend an evening in these places and have fun!

c) Lonja de la Seda: this is the main site oriented to traditional commerce, the building is amazing and has gothic style. I promise is precious, do not miss it!! 


Oliva is a wonderful beach town known for its long and white-sanded beaches. It’s a great place to escape from the bigger cities and lay back and relax in a ‘chiringuito’ having a cold beer and a crab salad.
There are nice and cheap local restaurants near to the main beach. Since it is not a tourist area, you will have the experience to immerse yourself into the local culture and talk with local people, they might not know much English but they will always try to be as pleasant as possible. Try local fish and the house wine with ‘gaseosa’ or sprinkling water.


Spain road trip itineraries | Oliva



Denia is a more touristic place with many accommodation options that will suit your needs. It is halfway between Valencia and Alicante. You can find villas near the beach, villas in the countryside, and hotels. You will also find plenty of different bars and restaurants and an old town quarter to explore. There is a very nice castle where you will have the chance to understand the history of this town and area.
Denia is very well connected since you can travel there by train, car, and boat.


Spain road trip itineraries | Denia



Javea is also a lovely place similar to Denia since it has plenty of accommodation options and many bars and restaurants close the coast. But if you prefer looking over the beach whilst enjoying your seafood then Javea has the advantage here. It does not count with a train station and the closest is Gatos de Gorgos which is about 5 miles from the central area.
Javea might seem more cosmopolitan while Denia seems more “Spanish”. They both count on a beautiful historic old town area.


Spain road trip itineraries | Javea



Altea is a lovely coastal area south from Javea with a lot of charm. It counts with a traditional town area where you can find cheap accommodation and might experience a closer connection with the traditional Spanish culture. You can also find more expensive accommodation out of town with majestical views of the beach and mountain.
All this area is great to dive and snorkel due to its pristine beaches and its warm water. If you are going in summer, check out the different traditional events that might occur in the area.


Spain road trip itineraries | Altea



Alicante is the capital of the Costa Blanca eastern coast Spanish holiday region. Costa Blanca owns its name to the endless white sand beaches that you will find in this area. In this city, you will find a nice blend of history and beaches.
You can use modern tram to drift from place to place very easily and enjoy museums, churches, beaches bars, and restaurants all on the same day without hurrying.

Things to do in Alicante

a) Castle of Santa Barbara: This fortress situated at the top of a mountain guarding the city is a medieval castle built by the Arabs and renovated during Spain’s Golden Age in the 1500s. I recommend going in the early morning and enjoying the astonishing views of the sun rising over the beaches and the city.

b) Casco Antiguo: This traditional neighborhood is a small town inside the city and here you will find the traditional whitewashed buildings and many different bars, and restaurants.

c) Postiguet Beach: Right next to the old town is this white sanded beach. It is very accessible from the city but it can get a bit packed in the central area of the beach in summer. Anyway, it is a very long beach with a very nice tone of water. If you want less crowded beaches you will have to get the car.

Wineries road trip in Spain

Total km 123 Km – 3-4 days Spain road trip itinerary

And here it comes my favorite Spain road trip itinerary! Spain is a place famous for its gastronomy ant its wine cellars and that’s the reason why a wine road trip could not be missing on my top 6 Spain road trips itineraries. I am going to show you my two favorite routes.

Although it is the red wine the typical from the two routes, you will be able to try outstanding white wine in both.


Spain road trip itineraries | Wineries road trip

Ribera del Duero wine route

This route, located in “Castilla la Mancha” is 70 Km long in total. Although the distance is small, I really recommend doing it in 2 days. Remember after every winery tour comes to the wine tasting, and I do not want you to drive on alcohol…
Comenge ( wine tasting: 5 € to 20 € ) –> Protos ( Wine tasting: 10 € ) – > Pago de Los Capellanes ( Wine tasting: 10 € to 15 €) -> Portia ( Wine tasting: 10 € )

The second route I propose you is…

La Rioja wine tour

This route is 53 km long, as above, I would recommend 2 days for the route.

Bodegas Bilbainas ( Wine tasting: 15 € ) –> Marques de Riscal ( Wine tasting: 12 € ) –> Ysios (Wine tasting: 15 € ) –> Viña del Real ( Wine tasting: 10 € )

These two routes are the perfect plan for a weekend with friends or with your couple. In two days you will be more than satisfied with the excellent food and incredible wines you are going to taste. Let me know your personal opinions about the routes! Is there enough for you or you need more?

Full Circle road trip itinerary

Total 3000 km – 21 Days Spain road trip itinerary

Itinerary recommended: Madrid -> Sevilla -> Granada -> Valencia -> Barcelona -> San Sebastian -> Bilbao -> Santander -> Ribadesella -> La Coruña -> Santiago de Compostela

After the detailed explanation of the different road trips you could do in Spain here it comes the mother of all the road trips: The full circle! All the stops in the itinerary are already explained previously so I am only going to focus on its beginning and last stop: The capital, Madrid.

If you have already visited Madrid, you will agree with me that it is impossible to resume in a few lines all the things to do in this big city. I am going to try to make a brief summary. As you read before I am from Bilbao, the north of the country, but I’ve been living in Madrid for a long time so I know what I am talking about.

Things to do in Madrid in 2 days

Day 1

First things first, your visit to Madrid should start with “La Puerta del Sol”, one of the busiest and most important squares of Madrid. Once there you could take your time walking in the area and through the Gran Via of Madrid. Gran via is a well know street in Spain where there is always something to do. Have one drink ( or two wink ), visit its theater, going from bar to bar discovering the different tapas or just going for a walk discovering every corner of this part of the city.

After some tapas…

We can continue visiting the great Royal Palace of Madrid. This magestuosic building is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country. The entrance fee goes from 6 € to 17 € depending on the type of tour you are willing to do.
I will recommend combining the visit to the Royal Palace with the visit of the Almudena Cathedral due to its proximity. The Almudena Cathedral is the most important religious building in Madrid. Take your time to understand its history and architecture.


Spain road trip itineraries | Madrid

One highlight of Madrid is El Museo del Prado, you’ll need a minimum 2 hours to have a look at some of its wonders. Save some time to have a look at this incredible art museum in Madrid.

And this could make your first day in Madrid

Let’s go for your second and more relaxed day in Madrid.

Day 2

Take your morning coffee & let’s start the day! You could begin with the incredible “Puerta de Alcala”, it has an interesting Neoclassic style and a lot of history behind it. I would recommend taking the time to look at it and why not taking some pictures!
After this first visit, you could head to the most famous park in Madrid: El Retiro. Hire a bike and spend some time cycling around the park. Also, take your time to relax and enjoy the multiple street artists that come to this park to make your day better!

In the afternoon…

Do you like football?  these are your opportunity to visit one of the symbols of Real Madrid: La Cibeles! It is a great stop on your way to our last place to visit in 48 hours in Madrid…
Malasaña! Probably one of my favorite areas in Madrid. I first advise you to go for a walk around the streets of Malasaña. You will find a lot of urban art, small and traditional bars & restaurants and great nightlife. Spend your evening in Malasaña and have fun!


Spain road trip itineraries | Puerta de Alcala

After these 48 hours in Madrid, you can begin your road trip in Spain. As you know the main international airports are Madrid and Barcelona. So one of those are the cities will be your last stop in your Spanish road trip. Take your time to enjoy the essence of each place you visit, you are in the second most touristic country in the world and that is for a reason, you will be amazed.

And this is it! I hope you have enough information to plan our next trip to Spain. In case you need an extra hand organizing it, do not hesitate to contact me and we will organize together the journey of your dreams cool !

See you soon Nomadic minds & let’s keep on traveling! 


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