DAYDREAM with the vastness of its mountains and the kindness of its people


General Tips to travel to Switzerland

Your first words in Swiss. In Switzerland, 4 languages are spoken depending on the area: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.


Hello: Halo/Bonjour/Ciao/ tgau
Bye Bye: auf wiedersehen /Au revoir/Addio/ sin seveser
Please: Bitte/s’il vous plaît/prego/ per plaschair
Thank you: Danke schön / merci/ Grazie/Grazia
Your welcome: Gern geschehen /de rien/prego/ anzi
Yes/No: (Ja/Nein)(Oui/Non)(Se/No)(Sche/Na)
Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF)
Population: 8, 42 million
Main religion: Christianity
Safety Rating: According to the Global Peaceful Index, Switzerland is the number 11 out of 163 countries.
Solo Female Travel: Easy and safe. During the day and during the night is safe for a solo female traveler.


Switzerland is famous for its sky stations for the whole year, so, as you can imagine, temperatures are low. It has a very mountainous landscape.
Even dough you can sky during the whole year, in low areas, temperatures in summer are high. Temperatures in summer could reach up to 25-30 ºC (77-86 ºF) on a very hot summer.
In winter temperatures will be below zero in high cities and mountains. Temperatures increase as you go lower until a maximum of 10ºC (50 ºF).


Switzerland is an expensive country so accommodation is also expensive.
You could find a bed in a shared room in backpacker hostels for 30-40 $ per night.
If you want to book an apartment or a private room price will go up until 70 $-100 $
If you love skiing, this is your place. And a good experience to have is sleeping in a town in the mountain with accessible sky stations, the prices will obviously go up. In this case, you could make your accommodation cheaper by booking an apartment with friends in low season (there is snow during the whole year). Do not miss it!!
Do not forget to book it in advance; it is a very much demanded destination for skiers all around the world.


By plane

The main airports in Switzerland are Zurich Kloten, Berna, Basilea – Mulhouse, Geneva – Cointrin, Lugano. The first 4 are international airports. Communications inside Switzerland by plain are expensive.

By train

The mean of transportation by excellence in Switzerland is the train. Local people use the train every day. The train network in Switzerland is one of the best in Europe.
You could buy the train tickets independently for each journey but, as a recommendation, you should use the Swiss Travel Pass which makes every trip much cheaper.

What is the Swiss travel pass?

It is the most popular transport pass to get to know Switzerland by train. Basically it allows you to use the Swiss transport network unlimitedly for 3, 4, 8 or 15 days. That includes trains, buses, and boats.


The most typical dishes in Switzerland are the Raclette and Fondue. Both meals are based on melting cheese with sides.

Best way to show what Raclette and Fondue are is through pictures:

fondue raclette

Raclette and Fondue above

5 things to do in Switzerland

Spend a day skiing in the Swiss Alps

The best places to do this are Grindelwald and Gstaad.
This is not a cheap trip but it is one journey in a lifetime!

Visit Château de Chillon in Montreux

It is a castle of medieval origin located on the banks of Lake Geneva, in the commune of Veytaux, in the canton of Vaud.

The Great Saint Bernard Pass

If you enjoy/like nature tourism, don’t forget to do this trekking. It is the lowest pass lying on the ridge between the two highest mountains of the Alps, Mont Blanc, and Monte Rosa, with an altitude of 2,473 meters above sea level. It has a paved road with a slope of 11% that was built in 1905. You can visit it from the end of May until October. Beautiful landscape in the middle of nowhere!

Skiing the same day in the Swiss and Italian Alps

Due to its closeness to Italy, you are able to be in the two places the same day. Isn’t it Special?? To do this, I recommend you to go to Zermatt, an incredible little town in the middle of the mountains.


Tibetan Bridge Valley of Sementina

Not recommendable if you are afraid of heights! The 270 m long Tibetan bridge built by the Foundation Curzútt-S. Barnard allows the passage of the rugged valley that separates the communities of Sementina and Monte Carasso, two towns located in front of Bellinzona.