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I guess you could be a little bit overwhelmed while planning your Thailand itinerary in 10 days trying to reach every temple, beach, scuba diving spot, and island. This scenic country has so much to offer to every traveler, never mind if you are a backpacker or you are traveling with a higher budget, Thailand will satisfy all the expectations of your journey. Although it is a hard job, I’ve arranged a 10 day Thailand itinerary covering what to do in each destination, detailed itinerary with a travel map, plus travel tips including the best place to practice yoga and the best scuba diving spots of the country!

I captured all the beautiful moments in Thailand with my action camera along with its accessories.


Thailand Iitinerary 10 days | Wiang Kum Kam

First of all, let’s start with important information while planning your trip to Thailand.

FAQ’S about Thailand

Are 10 days in Thailand enough?

It is not easy to visit the country in 10 days since it is not small and it has so many things to offer like: iconic temples, charming hospitality, delicious food, impressive nature…and much more. For that reason, it seems difficult to arrange an itinerary for only 10 days in Thailand. But guess what! I’ve put together everything I learned during my experiences in the country plus some important information I’ve found out from other travelers. With this itinerary, you’ll be able to discover the highlights of Thailand while traveling in a cheap way.

Is Thailand safe for a female traveler?

Make sure you follow some precautions while traveling to Thailand, as female travelers we have to take some considerations during our journey. Traveling with fear is a huge mistake as it may make you not enjoy the country as you should do. Find below the precautions that we, as female travelers, should follow:

a) Strictly follow the dress code: Although they are more relaxed regarding the dress code, Thailand is still a very conservative country especially the northern part of the country. Temples, any kind of religious building and rural areas, are the most strict places regarding this issue. Make sure you do not wear necklines and try not to expose your body too much. For locals, in certain circumstances, it may be seen as disrespectful.

b) Do not take your eyes off from your backpack: It is very typical in Thailand thefts from motorcycles in motion, therefore, take precautions and depending on the place, wear your backpack on your chest, not on your back.

c) Do not touch monks: Thailand is mainly Buddhist and the streets are full of monks. Due to its religion, they can not touch women even to receive things from them. Avoid touching them even for offerings.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | A monk on a temple

d) Avoid the beach at night: The beach is the perfect scenario for criminals, open and very dark space. Make sure you avoid it, especially if you are alone.

e) In bars and pubs closely watch your drink: Be very careful, malicious people introduce drugs on drinks in bars, that is the reason why we should keep an eye on it and If we have lost it, buy a new one!

How much money do I need for 10 days in Thailand?

Including in your budget Accommodation, tours, food and drinks, and transport, it will cost you around 24 $ per day. That means that in your Thailand itinerary in 10 days, you’ll only need 240 $ ( ฿ 7,810). Take into account that you’ll need to add the pre-journey expenses as Visa, vaccines, and transportation to the country.


Thailand Iitinerary 10 days | Transport

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Taking into account that temperatures in Thailand are always high, the climate of the country is divided into three seasons:

a) The wet season: From May to October, visiting Thailand during these months is not a big inconvenience. When it rains, it rains heavily during a short time.

b) Fresh season: Although Thailand is very warm, from November to February temperatures are milder.

c) The hot season: From March to May, temperatures are very hot.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days

The high season in the country is from November to February when the weather is still great but not that hot as the rest of the year. If you can not travel during this time, it is not a problem, just bring the appropriate clothing.

Now that we have correctly covered the most frequently asked questions when talking about Thailand, let’s start with your best itinerary in Thailand for 10 days.


DAY 1 & DAY 2: Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, houses more than 9 million people and it is one of the most touristic cities in the world. Besides its well-known nightlife, Bangkok still has a lot of things to offer such as impressive temples, great local markets and beautiful green areas such as Lumphini park.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Bangkok

Getting there

Bangkok has two main international airports that connect Thailand with the world: Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport. This last one has been since 2007 the low-cost airline hub for Bangkok.

If you are traveling on land from any of its neighbor’s countries, the options are the following:

From Destination Mean of transport Duration (hrs)  Price ($)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Bangkok Train 24 50
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Bangkok Bus 27 60
Laos Bangkok Bus
Yangon (Myanmar) Bangkok Bus 20 60
Phom Penh (Cambodia) Bangkok Bus 13 40
Phom Penh (Cambodia) Bangkok Train 18 30

Check here to book your trip.

Although there is no bus from Laos to Bangkok, the best alternative is taking a bus in Si Chiang Mai, close to the border with Laos.

Cambodia by bus is a great option as there is the possibility of taking sleeping buses, which means you will be traveling at night, not losing one day of your journey and saving the accommodation expenses for that night.

Where to stay in Bangkok

a) Urban Hostel Bangkok: It is probably the cleanest hostel I’ve been to in Thailand. The staff is also amazing, they are very welcoming and helpful, trying always to make you feel like home.

Price (per night/per person) : 4 $ (฿ 130)

b) Bed Dee Time Hostel: The facilities of this hostel are outstanding, they have shared rooms and also private rooms at a very low price. Located close to the train stating and on a walking distance of a lot of restaurants and bars. I really recommend staying here on your journey to Bangkok.

Price (per night/per person): 5 $ (฿ 160) with breakfast include

c) Time Sabai 32: Located in the old town district, this hostel is the most original and picturesque. The decoration is awesome and the beds are super comfy!

Price (per night/per person) : 7 $ (฿ 230)

d) Siri Poshtel Bangkok: If you are looking for a quiet place to rest during your stay in Bangkok, this is your place. Good backpacker environment with beautiful rooms ( one of a different color). They also have free bicycles to explore Bangkok!

Price (per night/per person): 13$ (฿ 430) with breakfast include

Also, a good and cheaper option could be looking for furnished rooms to sleep with the perfect location.

What to do in Bangkok

a) The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew temple: The two most iconic and transited tourist attractions in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is architectonically breathtaking and it is also the place that hosts the most important and beautiful temple of the country: Wat Phra Kaew temple. The Grand Palace was the Thalandese king’s accommodation for 150 years. Ready to learn a little bit more about Thai culture?

Entrance price: 0,5 $ (฿ 16)


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | The Grand Palace

b) Get a massage in Spa Yuko: Who is looking forward to a Thai massage? The message in Spa Yuko was super relaxing. The staff was so professional and always made sure I was feeling comfortable and relaxed. I am sure I’ll go back on my next trip to Bangkok. This is the kind of cheap breaks, backpackers need while traveling for a long time cool.

c) Lumphini Park: The lung of the city, this green area measures 58 hectares and is the place to go and enjoy a walk in nature in the middle of a big busy city. I would recommend you to spend the end of your day in this park while enjoying this lively park.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Lumphini park

d) Muay Thai combat: Have you ever heard about Muay Thai? It is a combat sport, national sport and cultural martial art in Thailand. I’ve collected the 2 best options, in my opinion, to enjoy this sport live. The first possibility is going to Channel 7 in Bangkok where they have free combats!  My second option and probably the most famous is assisting on Sunday at 14:30h  to In Soi Ruamsirimirt stadium. This last stadium is one of the most representative of the country. It is totally worth it, do not miss it!

e) Visit the night market, Rot Fai Market Ratchada:  My favorite thing to visit in every new city I visit! In this market, you’ll be able to enjoy excellent and cheap street Thai food and find some of the most unique antiques in Thailand. Mandatory visit innocent

f) Khao San Road: Spend your evening walking along this famous and crowded street. Some people call it “backpackers street” as it is always full of travelers due to its great variety of bars and restaurants and also a great environment to spend an unforgettable night!


This stop is a must while traveling up to the north of Thailand. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1991, Known for its archeological sites and the history behind it.

Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam Kingdome or Ayutthaya kingdom govern by 35 different kings during 3 centuries. The Burmese armies (from Myanmar) invaded the Kingdom in 1767 and as a result, we have the actual ruins of Ayutthaya.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Ayutthaya

Getting there

Ayutthaya is only 70 km north of Bangkok and there are two options to get there:

a) By train: A scenic route to Ayutthaya by train that lasts between 80 to 150 minutes. The fastest one departs every day at 8:30 am and you’ll reach Ayutthaya in 77 minutes. The second class in the train is comfortable and more than good enough for the journey. You can check the timetables and fares here. Once the train reaches the Ayutthaya station you’ll need to take a tuk-tuk to reach the ruins.

Price of the ticket: 13 $ approx (฿ 420)

b) By minivan: Since 2016 bus routes are not available anymore. The alternative is traveling by minivan. They leave from Victory Monument in Bangkok and depart every 5 to 3 minutes (when they are full). The bus is not direct and makes several stops until they reach Ayutthaya. You’ll need to reach the last station to go to the ruins and then a small walk.

Price of the ticket: 3 $ approx (฿ 100)

Where to stay in Ayutthaya

a) 1301Hostels Ayutthaya: Location could not be better, situated by the river with a beautiful garden to chill out with other travelers. Dorms are super comfortable and spacious with a balcony. It is a really good place for solo travelers that would like to meet other travelers on their way to the north of Thailand.

Price (per night/per person): 6$ (฿ 200) with breakfast included

b) 11:11 Hostel: This hostel with a shared lounge and a restaurant has all the facilities you need to enjoy an excellent trip to Ayutthaya. They also have at your disposal a perfect rooftop to chill out after a complete day visiting the ruins and temples.

Price (per night/per person): 6$ (฿ 200) with breakfast include

c) Zleepinezz Hostel: Excellent environment for backpackers. The shared facilities are great and the shared kitchen is extremely clean. The staff is really helpful and welcoming. They also have the service of bike hire at a good price!

Price (per night/per person): 9$ (฿ 300) with breakfast include

What to do in Ayutthaya

a) Wat Yai Chai Mongkol: One of the most important temples in Ayutthaya and obviously one of the most visited. It was built 1357 A.D. originally for the use of monks in the area. Unlike most of the temples of Ayutthaya, monks still reside in this temple. This temple has a huge historical significance for the country and its people.

Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Wat Yai Chai Mongkol

b) Reclining Buddha at Wat Lokayasutharam: One of the most photographed sceneries in Ayutthaya and the biggest reclining Buddha in the Ayutthaya historical site. Also, itis open to visitors’ offerings, do not miss it!
c) Wat Chaiwatthanaram: Beautifully located at the banks of Chao Phraya river. The history of this temple is quite nice and interesting, the king at that time King Prasat Thong constructed it to honor his mother with a special architecture similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Do not hesitate to visit it once in Ayutthaya.

Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Wat Chaiwatthanaram

d) Wat Phu Khao Thong: The main monument of this temple is the big stupa at the top. It was built by King Naresuan in the 14th century to celebrate their victory over the Burmese. Six years after a chedi was built and you can actually go on the top of the chedi to appreciate the ruins of the temple from the top.
Attention! You’ll see a lot of people riding elephants to attract tourist, please do not contribute to their business! These elephants are badly treated and we should not contribute to this horrible business.


Sukhothai is at the top of the places you have to visit on your journey to Thailand. Sometimes, people do not include this marvelous place on their Thailand itinerary as it consists of a complex of temples and ruins similar to Ayutthaya (located only 70 km away from Bangkok). In my opinion, both visits are complementary and Sukhothai (which means the dawn of happiness) will give you a wider vision of Thailandese history.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Sukhothai

Getting there

From Ayutthaya to Sukhothai I propose two means of transport:

a) By Bus: The preferred mean of transport by most travelers. The bus goes straight from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai and the journey lasts 6 hours approximately and they depart every hour from 6 am to 9 pm in Ayutthaya.

Price of the ticket: 10 $ approx (฿ 310)

b) By Train: There is no direct train from Ayutthaya. In this case, you’ll need to take a train on the origin and stop at Phitsanulok. Once there, you’ll be able to catch a bus straight to Sukhothai. The duration of the journey is approximately 7 hours.

Price of the ticket: 12 $ approx (฿ 400)

Be patient while traveling in public transport in Thailand, although it is not as bad as other countries in Southeast Asia, it could take longer than expected.

Where to Stay in Sukhothai

a) RuengsriSiri Guesthouse: This guesthouse, affordable for all the pockets is a really nice place to stay while your visit to Sukhothai. The location is perfect, near the bus station and close to a place to hire bikes, motorbikes and explore this awesome city! The staff is also really helpful.

Price (per night/per person): 4$ (฿ 130)

b) Old City Guest House: This is the perfect place if you are looking for a place to have your own privacy and relax for a night, this guest house only has private rooms at a very cheap price. The room is very spacious and clean as well as the toilet.  The location is also really good.

Price (per night/per person): 8$ (฿ 260)

c) Resting Place Hostel: This hostel is a little bit more pricy than the other ones in Sukhothai but it is all because of a reason, you do not need to take transport to the main points of interest in the city. The location is its highlight, located almost in the gate of the historic site. Also, the hostel has all the facilities you need and everything is very clean!

Price (per night/per person): 9$ ( (฿ 300) with breakfast included

What to do in Sukhothai

a) Sukhothai Historical Park: UNESCO World Heritage Site where temples and ruins are located, in the Old town. This place is full of magical temples that will leave you without words. I’ll leave you here the five top temples you must-see on your visit to the historic site:  Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Sri Chum, Wat Sri Sawai, Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat and Wat Mahathat.


Sukhothai Historic Park | Thailand Itinerary 10 days

b) Thai massage in Pai Sukhothai Resort: Spend a little time on yourself and relax in the best place in Sukhotthai for chilling out, Pai Sukhothai Resort. It was incredible, the staff were very professional and treated me really well. I’ll go again if I have the option. One of the best Thai massages in Thailand!

Price per hour: 6,15 $ (฿ 200)


Chain Mai is the digital nomads’ paradise in Thailand. This place is awesome, great environment and one of the favorite places for backpackers in the whole Southeast Asia. Do you want to discover why? Chang Mai is a beautiful city to walk away from the chaos and noise of Bangkok and have some quiet days discovering all the corners of this great city. It is very well-known for its culture, history, and gastronomy.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Chiang Mai

Getting there

The unique way to go straight from Suthowthai to Chiang Mai is by bus. The duration of the journey is 6 hours approximately.

Price of the ticket: 9 $ approx (฿ 300)

There is an interesting alternative by train, it is not from Suthowthai but 6o km south in Phitsanulok. This is an option to take into account as they have night trains so you could save the expenses on accommodation. The duration of the journey is about 9 hours.

Price of the ticket: 32 $ approx (฿ 1,000)

Where to Stay in Chang Mai

There is a wide variety of hostels to stay in Chang Main. I leave you with my favorite ones for different reasons:

a) Inndigo Chiangmai: This hostel is so comfortable! The facilities were excellent and everything was so clean. The location is also perfect, in a quiet area but close to everything such as shops, restaurants, and bars.

Price (per night/per person): 4$ (฿ 130)

b) Monkey Toe Guesthouse: Although they provide rooms for 10 persons in bunk beds, the beds are super comfy and they’ve achieved that even sharing your room it seems like you have your own privacy. As a highlight, the breakfast is included and really tasty!

Price (per night/per person): 4$ (฿ 130) with breakfast included

c) Stay With Hug Poshtel & Activities: This hostel is perfect for digital nomads trying to find their spot in Chiang Mai and meet new interesting people. They have excellent free wifi and also the environment is incredible!

Price (per night/per person): 5$ (฿ 160)

d) @Box Hostel: The staff here is incredible, they are amazing with all the travelers. It is a perfect place to meet new people and hear great travel stories cool I highly recommend it!

Price (per night/per person): 6$ (฿ 200)

What to do in Chang Mai

a) Visit Chiang Mai Old city: The ancient city located on a squared surface surrounded by an impressive wall with a deep water pit is a must-to-visit in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai’s old town is an excellent place to go for a walk or visit it with your bike (or rented bike), it is full of cozy restaurants and places to practice yoga.


Thailand Iitienrary 10 days | Chiang Mai’s old town 

b) Wat Phra That Doi Suthep: This is one of the most sacred temples in the north of Thailand and as well one of the most famous for tourists. The architecture is so beautiful, it represents the traditional architecture from the north of the country. Located high on a hill,  you’ll need at least 3 hours to see it. The way up is easy and it will take 1 hor proximately, do not miss it! Locals say: ” If you have not been in Wat Phra That Doi Suthep you haven’t been in Chiang Mai”.

c) Enjoy all the temples in Chiang Mai: Although I just highlighted the most impressive one, there are plenty of incredible temples in Chiang Mai to visit such as Wat Chiang Man, Wat Sri Suphan, Wat Umong, Wat Ched Yot, Wat Suan Dok, and Wat Lok Molee among other beautiful ones.

d) Enjoy its Thai gastronomy: To try the best local Thai food go to the Chiang Mai night market! Everything is so tasty and fresh and they have a huge variety of dishes.


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Night Market

e) Massage in Fah Lanna Spa: Who does not like a massage? And a Thai massage? In Fah Lanna Spa they are incredible! I had a tiring day of visiting new temples and walks around the place and could not have chosen a better way to end my day. They were amazing, as you may have realized I miss Thai massages!


Pai is the top hippie destination for backpackers in Thailand. Lost in the middle of nowhere and located in the middle of the jungle, it is a very special spot to discover on your Thailand itinerary.

Getting there

Located 3 to 4 hours north of Chiang Mai, Pai is accessible by bus. Diary and regular buses from Chiang Mai depart on a regular basis from the Chiang Mai bus station. Another good option for motorbike riders is the 3-hour incredible route that connects both cities. Be careful in the road and only hire a bike if you have the license and experience.

Price of the ticket: 3,75 $ approx (฿ 130)

Where to Stay in Pai

a)Spicy Hostels: Dorms are bamboo wooden houses, it is so beautiful! This place totally immerses in the jungle is the perfect place to stay for nature lovers.

Price (per night/per person): 4$ (฿ 130) with breakfast included

b)Pai way hostel: This hostel is great and the location is perfect but the best thing about it is their staff! The owner is incredible, he is helpful and very welcoming. Awesome place to stay during your journey to Pai.

Price (per night/per person): 6$ (฿ 200) with breakfast included

c)Pril Pai: Outstanding hostel to stay in.  Located away from the busy center and with scenic views of the rice fields. The atmosphere in the hotel is great and it is the perfect place to relax in this paradisiac area of Thailand.

Price (per night/per person): 8$ (฿ 270) 

What to do in Pai

a) Waterfalls in Pai: For the lack of beaches…waterfalls! Pai is an amazing place to visit and swim in beautiful and unique waterfalls. The most famouse ones are Mo Paeng Waterfall, Pam Bok Waterfall, and Hua Chang Waterfall.

b) Lod Cave: Located 50 Km from Pai, impressive limestone caves connected by the Lang river. You can visit them on a walking tour or in a Bamboo raft, always accompanied by a local guide. This totally visit takes around 2 hours.

c) Pai Canyon: Beautiful small canyon with impressive colors and views in the late afternoon. I really recommend it to see the sunset, it is stunning!

d) Night Market Walking Street: From 6 pm to 10 pm this amazing market in Thail will offer the best of the north gastronomy and culture. Do not miss it!

DAY 8 & Day 9: Krabi

Time to relax and enjoy the amazing beaches of Krabi and surroundings, crystal blue water with beautiful white sand. What a dream come true!


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Krabi

Getting there

Krabi is down south of Thailand so to get there you’ll have two options

a) Be really patient and take a bus from Pai-Chiang Mai-Krabi which will take around 35 hr and the ticket will cost around 50$

b) Take a flight from Chiang Mai which is the preferred option especially if you are going to spend 10 days in Thailand. The flight could cost you around 150$ and lasts 2 hours.

Where to stay in Krabi

a) Amity Poshtel: This hostel is perfect, the staff is wonderful and the rooms are perfectly clean and very spacious. If I have to highlight something it would be the comfort of the beds, better than in most of the five-star hotels!

Price (per night/per person): 4$ (฿ 130) 

b) Pak-Up Hostel: It is close to all the tourist attractions in Krabi on a walking distance. The facilities are perfect and the hostel offers all you need to make the best of your journey in Krabi.

Price (per night/per person): 5$ (฿ 170) 

c) Snoozz Hotel Krabi: The location near the night market and the possibility of hiring a bike in the lobby make this hostel very practical. I really recommend staying here!

Price (per night/per person): 8$ (฿ 270) 

 What to do in Krabi

a) Railay Beach: One of the top recommended places to visit on your journey to Krabi. A small peninsula surrounded by cliffs that can only be accessed by boat. It is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities such as scuba diving! This place is so beautiful!

Ferry ticket to Railay: 5 $ (฿ 170) 


Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Railay beach

b)  Koh Lanta: Located between Phi Phi islands and Krabi, it is the perfect place to relax and spend some time for yourself surrounded by a beautiful landscape that seems unreal! To reach Koh Lanta you can either go by ferry or by minivan.

Ferry ticket to Koh Lanta: 35 $ (฿ 1100) 

c) Phi Phi island: It is not only the most touristic place in Krabi but in Thailand, the country of smiles. The two main islands to visit are Koh Phi Phi Don & Koh Phi Phi Leh. Koh Phi Phi Don is the main island and the only one where you can live in, it is also where all the scuba diving companies, restaurants and bars are. In Koh Phi Phi Leh is where the famous Maya Beach is located. Mandatory stop in Phi Phi island!

Ferry ticket to Phi Phi island: 11 $ (฿ 360) 

Phi-Phi island

Thailand Itinerary 10 days | Phi Phi island

d) Tiger cave temple: The temple on the top of a mountain 1300 steps high (yes, you’ve read right) is beautiful and the story behind it is really interesting but it is not the only reason why this place attracts so many tourists. The views from the top of Krabi are impressive and worth every single step.


This is the end of your Thailand itinerary in 10 days. To finish with it you’ll need to head to one of its international airports in Phuket or Bangkok. If you are planning to head to any of its neighbor countries, you will also find transport options from these two cities.

Now you are ready to plan your next journey to Thailand! If you need and an extra hand to organize your journey to this incredible country, do not hesitate to contact me on gabriela@nomadicmindtravel.com and I will help you!


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