October 2019

General Tips to travel to Turkey

Your first words in Turkish:
Hello: Merhaba
Goodbye: Güle Güle
Please: Lütfen
Thank you: Teşekkür ederim
Yes/No: Eğer / Hayir
Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
Population: 79, 81 million
Main religion: Islam
Safety Rating: According to the Global Peaceful Index, Turkey is the number 152 out of 194 countries.
Solo female traveler: Dangerous country for a female traveler due to its political instability and the official religion of the country. Do not walk alone even during the day. Try to always be accompanied.

Important! Female travelers need to hide their hair (always bring a kerchief with you). Be careful with the way you dress in the whole city, do not show shoulders and knees.



The climate in Turkey depends on the area:

The coastal areas of Turkey

These areas enjoy dry and hot summers (an average temperature of 28ºC (82 ºF)) and wet and cold winters. The average temperature in January is around 10ºC (50 ºF).

The North part of the county

Here, summers are hot and humid while winters are cold and humid. The average temperature is around 6 ºC (43 ºF). Temperatures are more relaxed than in the rest of the country, and it rains more.

The east and southeast area of the country

This area has a more extreme climate. During the months of winter, it is colder and in summer it is warmer. It is not recommended to spend the month of August there due to its extremely high temperatures.

In Istanbul, you can enjoy hot and dry summers average temperature between 18ºC and 26 ºC (64 ºF and 79 ºF), though it is a little bit windy sometimes. Winters are rainy and it snows sometimes. Temperatures are low between 3ºC and 11 ºC (37 ºF and 52 ºF).


In Turkey, you can sleep in a hostel from 6$/night but as it is a dangerous country I would rather spend more money to be in a very good area and in a good hostel, in order to feel safe.
You will also find private rooms from 17 $/night.
In my opinion, the typology of the place you sleep in is not that important. The important point here to choose accommodation is the area you are located in. Take into account the comments and experience of other travelers that were there before in order to choose an accommodation.I will live special tips related to accommodation in the following post of my last journey to Turkey.


The main airports in Turkey are:
Istanbul Atatürk (the main international airport in Turkey), Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Antalya airport, Izmir airport, Bodrum airport, Dalaman airport, and Ankara airport.
Traveling by plain might be expensive.
By public transport
The cheapest way to travel around turkey is the bus. The bus service in the country is well developed, comfy and punctual. The main companies are Kamil Koç, Nilülfer, Metro, Ulusoy, Anadolu, Pamukkale.
The train in turkey is not very developed, but, in case you want to travel between the main cities of the country, I would recommend traveling on a night train so you save a night in a hostel.


Kebab, despite being a fast food dish, it is the international ambassador for Turkish food. .The most traditional one is lamb Kebab. It can be eaten alone or accompanied by sauces, vegetables, bread or rice.
The other most typical dish is the Köfte, they are a kind of typical meatballs made of minced meat (usually veal or lamb). They are usually mixed with different spices and also chopped onion, vegetables or eggs. They are cooked either roasted, fried or steamed. There are 300 different varieties of Köfte.

5 things to do in Turkey

Visit Istanbul

Go to visit the Blue Mosque and Santa Sofia Mosque, incredible religious monuments.





A historical region in Central Anatolia. It has many areas with unique, historic and cultural features. Touristic Cappadocia includes 4 cities: Nevsehir, Kayseri, Aksaray, and Nigde.





Amazing natural site in Denizli, in southwestern Turkey. The area is famous for a carbonate mineral that is left by the flowing water.




Visit the Lycian Tombs of Myra

Impressive landscape to discover. Do not miss it!


Enjoy an incredible sunset on a boat in the Bosphorus in Istambul