As the famous saying goes “Money fills the Pocket, adventure fills the soul,” no matter how advanced technology becomes and how the internet brings everything just a click away, there could be nothing as soothing as traveling and looking at new places with your eyes. Travelling makes you have a home in a place more than one yet leaves you a stranger in your own home. Once you start to discover new places and things you will not find a single reason to stop. So…Where to go in 2020?


Where to go to 2020 | Female Traveler

Why should you travel this 2020 wink

Traveling is an addiction, well an addiction that is healthy for the mind, body, and soul. It allows you to experience situations you have never been exposed to, try things you have never tried and met people you have never met before and those who are much different than you. All these things make us realize how little we are in this huge world and broaden our minds while making us humbler than before.

Where to go in 2020: Top 10 places to travel this year

It becomes extremely difficult when it comes to narrowing down the final choice while deciding your next journey. Here is a list of top recommended places to travel in 2020 and leave you astonished by the mesmerizing beauty of them. Time to start packing; you have so many places to see!

Galway, Ireland

Names as the European Capital of Culture for all the right reasons this place is a unique, virtually pleasing blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Located on Ireland’s west coast Galway is a hub for cultural events, traditional festivities, vibrant colors, and beautiful people. Besides that, the average temperature of 9.8 ℃ yearly makes Galway an extremely lovely climate to enjoy your vacations at any time of the year. Here is a list of free things to do when you visit Galway so that you make the most of your visit.


Galway | Where to go in 2020

The British Virgin Islands

After the heartbreaking destruction caused by a hurricane in 2017, which almost wiped the attractive places in the British Islands, they are being reconstructed and most set to open in 2020. To allure your eyes with crystal blue water, the British Virgin Islands are perfectly crowned with a band of green mountains that provide a soothing sensation to the eyes and mind. A must-visit for this year, this place is a perfect sun-soaked beach.


The British Virgin Islands | Where to go in 2020

Kyoto, Japan

Looking for a place to revive past as well as to enjoy the advances of the future? Kyoto is the place for you. A perfect mixture of past and future this city is equipped with traditional housing structures that highlight the cultural ethnicity of Japan and glossy shiny hotels and shopping malls to give a feel of modernism. And after all this, Japan is also going to host the 2020 Olympics which gives another major reason to add it in your travel list for the year 2020.


Kyoto | Where to go in 2020

Dead Sea, Middle East

Surprised? You will be even more surprised when you experience the floating miracle of the Dead Sea. The beautiful relaxing feeling provided by the Dead Sea where you can float and enjoy the sound of your breathing is an experience on its own. However, At Earth’s lowest point, the Dead Sea is far from a mystery. But the complexities of the climate crisis have forced the water levels to drop there and redefined the destination from “a place to visit one day” to “a place to visit now.” Located on the border of Jordan and Israel dead sea is a must-visit if you get a chance to stay in the Middle East.


The Dead Sea | Where to go in 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

Never leaving the list, Turkey has to offer something that other places cannot. The beautiful streets and gorgeous markets make Turkey a must-have in the list of your top travels.  It is a general warning for solo female travelers to avoid empty neighborhoods and alleys and stay in touristic areas. Besides that, the tourism sector of Turkey is so ideal that it can easily be explored by a solo female traveler as well. Turkey’s vibrant culture, scrumptious cuisine, historical monuments make it a stunning destination for both people of Asia and Europe.


Instanbul | Where to go in 2020


Austria establishes a major part of its economy through tourism and, this fact has to say something about the beauty of Austria. The city has greatly reinvented itself over the years by utilizing artistic ideas and combining beauty with culture smartly. Along with having the honor of neighboring beautiful Switzerland, Austria is known as the sports winter capital of Europe. During summer, the heritage villages and cultural cities perfect an ideal opportunity for people who share a love for traditions. This bi-functionality of the tourism sector has enabled Austria to be an ever-green tourist attraction. Although every city in Austria is incredible, I personally advise visiting Salzburg for its huge charm.


Salzburg (Austria) | Where to go in 2020

Rwanda, Africa

If you’re looking for a destination that will take you out of your comfort zone and into the heart of nature, consider Rwanda. Gorilla safari is alive in Rwanda and remains the biggest draw for visitors to the region. An incredible place to relax and enjoy the nature of this magical country. People in Rwanda are very kind and besides the main safety measures to take into account, this is considered a safe country for a solo traveler.


Rwanda | Where to go in 2020

Beijing, China

Last year the world’s largest airport in Beijing has started its function. With 5 years of intensive labor and approximate spending of $25 billion, Beijing airport could be the only reason to attract a lot of people. However, China has not left any chance of standing next to the most desirable places for tourism. The Binhai library, being the world’s largest library in the world, an ideal place for booklovers, the glass bridge and Tianjin eye, to name a few are a reason that tourists love to visit China, plus it’s not very expensive. Also, I can’t leave this section without mentioning The great wall of China, a day trip from Beijing.


Beijing | Where to go in 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, a city far in the future is a popularly known land of lavish malls, skyscrapers, beautiful deserts, magnificent hotels and what not! Girls love Dubai! For a fact that it is the fashion hub for people from all parts of the world. If you want to experience the true luxury you might want to plan your next trip here without a second thought. In addition to this, Dubai also serves as a home for business ideas to flourish and entrepreneurs to be born. Another reason to add it in your travel list for 2020 is the occurrence of World Expo which will host more than 190 countries showcasing their latest developments in sustainability.


Dubai | Where to go in 2020

Grand Canyon National park, Arizona

You owe a visit to this place to the traveler in you. With beautiful plateaus, astonishing landscape, mountains and crystal-clear water, Grand Canyon is a must-visit for anyone with wanderlust. To make you physically fit this hiking trip is essential for your brain and body.


Dubai | Where to go in 2020 | Arizona

Looking at these places, not considering traveling is an option that should not be taken at any cost. The world is equipped with millions of places like these which will provide you with a sense of fulfillment like nothing else in this world. So be an adventurer and dare to step out!

Safety concerns for female travelers

However, everyone must be aware of the benefits of traveling and be thirsty to mark their lives with new adventures now and then yet most of the people don’t travel as much as we want to. This is because of the limitations that come with leaving your home to meet new places. One such concern is safety issues when it comes to females. Especially for groups of young girls or solo travelers who wish to see the world. This concern now is almost vanished. If you are traveling solo, there are some handy traveling tips for females.

Some Safety tips innocent

No matter how confident you are and how well have you read about the culture of your new travel destination there are a few safety concerns that need to be measured.
1. Often, it is considered that the safest option is to choose a travel agency that provides packages for young girls. However, a new and useful tool is using travel consulting services; the sole purpose is to provide safe, fun and personalized traveling itineraries for solo female travelers and also for groups. This service is provided by an experienced female traveler. Everything will be organized for you, but you will be the one booking for everything. This way, avoiding intermediaries, your budget needed for your journey will be reduced.

2. On the other hand, if you still wish to be a free bird who wishes to do all the research yourself and make your own decisions there might be some tips, we could provide for you.

Activate your sixth sense: you cannot be completely naïve and trusting if you wish to travel alone.

Be confident: your confidence is what makes people set your image in their minds if you go to a new place all fearing and acting unaware of the whereabouts you have higher chances of being attacked or misused.

Talk to Locals: the best way to learn about someone is to talk to them.  Talking to locals is what will help you in understanding them, however, be careful not to reveal personal details about yourself.

Choose crowded accommodation: don’t go to avoiding new people. The whole purpose of traveling is to get familiar with new places and new people.

Know your plans: always draft a plan on what you are going to do once you get to a new place.

Let’s keep on traveling!

I hope I’ve wakened up your desire to travel this 2020. Fell free to share with other travelers your favorite spots commenting below. In case you have any doubt about organizing your next journey, do not hesitate to contact me on the e-mail: gabriela@nomadicmindtravel.com


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